BTS In the Soop – Season 2

In the Soop

Premise: Just as in Season 1, the boys stay in a forest and can do whatever they feel like.

Thoughts: This season was shorter – 3 nights, 4 days. They seemed a little bummed that it wasn’t longer, but I guess that’s all the time they could fit into their busy schedule. Last season was 7 days, albeit it was split up into 4 and 3 and wasn’t continuous 7 days.

I enjoyed watching this season, but I feel like I enjoyed it more than the first season. For some reason, I found myself wishing they hadn’t been filming and had just genuinely been on a vacation in the forest without cameras. Hybe built three huge mansions just for In the Soop so the boys were split into two houses with each of them getting their own room. Each space had its own bathroom and sitting room area too. The layout seemed a bit awkward to me. Like why was JK entering/exiting through a patio sliding door instead of a regular door? I should go back to the first episode and more closely examine the layout as they walk thru and draw up the floor plans LOL.

Funniest moments: foot volleyball, shooting free throws in the rain, haunted house.

Here are some notes on each member (mild spoilers):

Namjoon: pretty much spent the entire time reading. He did go on a bike ride and exercise in the gym, but the majority of the time he was shown in the upstairs reading nook. In the end, he said he read 5 books. Wow. He said he feels uncomfortable having so much free time since he’s used to working constantly. Jin said he and Namjoon need to mesh their personalities so they’re both not on extreme ends of the spectrum.

Jin: He probably felt more rested this season since he didn’t have to sleep in a tent that got hot at 6 am. Jin mostly played video games, slept, and cooked. He has said before that his idea of rest is to just sleep and game. He’s also really good at games, cause he beat everyone in the fruit card game and they all couldn’t believe how fast he was to slap the buzzer. Even the Golden Maknae thought he could beat Jin and failed. Suga was just watching the whole time saying, “No one can beat Jin.” Haha.

Suga: I swear he was mostly shown in the kitchen! They did show him working in the camper trailer and reading a bit but the majority of the time he was cooking meals for himself or for the group. His cooking was pretty impressive last season and it didn’t disappoint this season. Really wanted to try that tenderloin sandwich!

Hobi: J-Hope probably did the most variety of things out of everyone. He did some cooking, he did some exercising, he made a water rocket, he went swimming… what really touched me was when he said in the interview that when they’re in the soop, he can relax in a way that he can’t at home. As he can just do whatever he wants – dance on the pool ledge – with the freedom of knowing sasaengs aren’t gonna film him. I mean, he was getting filmed by the production crew, but maybe that feeling is different than being worried stalkers are secretly filming? He also said he doesn’t really go out when he has free time, and maybe that’s also due to sasaengs. His breakfast sandwich looked really good. Have to try that sometime – toast with butter & jelly with scrambled egg and bacon.

Jimin: True to form, he slept the most! They didn’t really show it, but he probably stayed up till dawn cause he wouldn’t wake up till mid-afternoon. At least this time he didn’t get woken up by Hobi with a spoon – haha! He said in his interview that he tried to do things with all the members, so I feel he was pretty active and divided his time with everyone. Such a Jimin thing to do

Taehyung: V also did a variety of things. His personality is a bit more solitary, so while he did do some of the group things, he also spent a lot of time alone. He practiced trumpet, which he is trying to learn. I was impressed how long he could hold a note, but then remembered he’s a singer so he already has a strong lung capacity. Since I once played trumpet, I feel like he could learn it with some dedication. They say the hardest thing to learn is making a sound and he can already do that. V was also the one who really took to painting. He did 3! He’s very creative, which should not be surprising considering his personality.

Jungkook (and Bam): Omg when he brought Bam onto the bus, I got so happy. I love dogs! Bam was such a good dog! So cuddly and obedient. I did get worried sometimes that he was in the kennel all the time, but of course, they don’t show every minute of every day, so I know he probably did get a lot of outside time. This season JK seemed to sleep early and wake up early (prob cause of Bam). Was he the only one who tried the ATV? It was funny how V kept asking him to cook him something and he would hesitate cause he really didn’t want to cook but also didn’t want to say no to his Hyung. Haha. Also hilarious when he made the free throw but Jimin and V wouldn’t let him leave cause they didn’t see it.

I kinda wished they did more things together, which is why I think I enjoyed Season 1 more. But Suga (?) did say that this time around they had more freedom to do things when they wanted so it was more relaxing. Like they didn’t really eat breakfast/lunch together but they would have dinner together.

I wonder if they’ll do a third season. I would like it, cause it would mean they get this restful break. I also hope if they do have a third season that they’ll make it longer so the boys will have more days of rest. They work hard and deserve it!

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