BTS J-Hope fails to live on birthday twice due to server down!

February 18th was BTS J-Hope’s birthday. J-Hope left a comment to BTS fans ARMY, “Good morning ARMY, how are you? Today, we will be doing V LIVE for the first time in a long time after 11 pm. Let’s have fun. Let’s meet later.” ..




At around 11:20 pm, J-Hope started live streaming to commemorate his birthday, but at the same time immediately after V LIVE streaming, many users rushed in and the server went down.




After the first server down, I started V LIVE distribution again, but one minute after the live start, the server went down again.




ARMY and others who got angry at this protested to V LIVE side. This incident quickly became a hot topic and appeared as a popular keyword in Twitter’s real-time trends.





J-Hope and ARMY are impatient with an unexpected incident when they reach their birthday a few minutes later. Eventually, J-Hope gave up on V LIVE and started live on YouTube. The image quality was worse than V LIVE and I couldn’t chat, but the YouTube live that I endured for about 20 minutes more comfortably than I expected.





However, 20 minutes later, an error occurred on YouTube Live.




J-Hope was also forced to leave due to an error on the YouTube side.




After all, J-Hope had no choice but to return to V LIVE and start live streaming.





When J-Hope moved from V LIVE to YouTube to V LIVE, ARMY and others moved together, causing great confusion. In a terrible trouble, ARMY and others requested that someone send this matter to Big Hit president Ban Shihyuk. J-Hope, who was supposed to have a good time with his favorite fans, was forced to deal with an unexpected server down.


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