BTS J-Hope’s sister joins Cube Entertainment, some fans criticize!

Some BTS fans have criticized BTS member J-Hope’s sister for joining Cube Entertainment.

BTS J-Hope’s sister Jung Ji Woo is both a fashion businessman and an influencer. Jung Ji Woo has recently joined Cube Entertainment, an idol entertainment agency, and has become a hot topic among BTS fans.

Jung Ji Woo, four years older than J-Hope, is the CEO of fashion company “AJLOOK”, online shopping mall “MEJIWOO”, and eyewear fundamental “FUN THE MENTAL”.


As an influencer with 7.4 million Instagram followers, many internet users are often curious about her fashion style and imitate it. Jung Ji Woo is not tall, but he has a good style and slim legs, so he has a good fashion sense enough to directly model the online shopping mall “MEJI WOO”.

However, recently, Jung Ji Woo has been newly updated on the official website of Cube Entertainment, ARTIST. I’m curious that it was posted on the homepage under the brand name MEJI WOO instead of the name Jung Ji Woo. Jung Ji Woo seems to have been scouted by Cube Entertainment as a fashion director, although no official announcement has been made yet. What Internet users are interested in is that Jung Ji Woo has the artist register his name, not the fashion director.


Some BTS fans are worried that J-Hope’s sister’s joining Cube Entertainment will affect J-Hope. And although he has become famous under the title of J-Hope’s older sister and has 7.4 million Instagram followers, the general public does not know the name of Jung Ji Woo. Most Instagram followers seem to be BTS overseas fans. The company also claims that it is due to J-Hope’s name recognition.

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