BTS Jin and his brother’s wedding host photos & videos!

The video of BTS Jin watching the host of the wedding is a topic.

BTS Jin hosted a wedding ceremony for his brother-in-law (Kim Suk Joon) held in a certain place in Seoul on August 8, and showed special brotherhood.

BTS Jin’s brotherhood was one older brother, who was two years older and was married on the 8th.



Jin is the oldest in BTS, but the youngest of two brothers at home. My brother, Kim Suk Chun, is known as a student chairman of the Department of Architecture Engineering, Konkuk University.



BTS members J-Hope and RM participated in the wedding ceremony on this day, and showed me a warm heartwarming reason.




<Comments from Jin, the host of the wedding,>

I am Kim Suk Jin, the younger brother of the groom who is hosting the wedding ceremony today.

Please applause everyone.



<Comment by Jin, the host of the wedding,>


Bride and Groom… The groom asks me to wink once. Wedding guests are laughing.

Greetings to the bride and groom.



<Photo of Jin shining the wedding hall>


In June of this year, I had the experience of hosting a wedding ceremony for my friends, so I feel comfortable.



Jin is famous for having wide shoulders among idols, but Jin’s older brother has a larger back and body.



Jin, who is about to make a comeback, returned as soon as he acted as the MC.

When leaving the wedding hall, Jin returned, leaving only one word to her mother wearing a yellow hanbok, “Mom, I’m going.”

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