BTS Jin as the officiant at his best friend’s wedding! The internet is full of praise…

BTS Jin’s appearance as the officiant at his best friend’s wedding has been a hot topic of conversation.

On the 20th, photos of BTS member Gene, acting as the officiant at the wedding, spread across various online communities and social networking sites.

Gene participated as the officiant at his best friend’s wedding of 15 years and made the occasion meaningful.

Kim Seok Jin, not the glamorous World Star Jin in the released photos, but a normal 28-year-old Kim Seok Jin. appearance. On this day when he appeared in a suit, Jin couldn’t hide only his brilliant appearance.

Netizens who saw the photo said, “He’s a star that his fans can’t reach, but he’s the one who I can’t believe he’s going to officiate a civilian friend’s wedding without a care in the world. This is possible because he is so human, Kim Seok-jin. There is no other star like Jin,” he said, “I don’t think there’s a friend of his who would officiate at his friend’s wedding. I’m too jealous.”; “Isn’t this the best wedding present for a married friend? I’m really jealous that I have a friend like Jin.”, “I don’t care about my fame and popularity, I’m an average 28 Kim Seok-jin, a young man of 5 years old, would have been happy at this moment,” he said in praise of Jin. Many comments were received.

On the other hand, Jin, born in 1992, is one of the idol members who is close to joining the military this year at age 28. He recently won the #1 face of the world’s most perfect golden ratio.

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