BTS Jin Biography, Early Life and Career


BTS is one the most popular bands in Asia, they have released seven albums so far which all reached number one on the Billboard World Album Chart. BTS Jin is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor. Jin’s early life was not easy as he dealt with poverty. His father abandoned him when he was only six years old because of his poor financial situation.

Early Life

BTS Jin was born on December fourth 1992 in Seoul South Korea. His father is a construction worker and his mom teaches music to kids, but they both wanted him to go into the arts which he did upon entering high school as an art major. As time went by during middle school/high school, Jin realized that performing live for people made him feel more alive than anything else so he decided this would be his career path.

Jin went to an arts high school in Seoul. Upon entering the art program, he was required to choose a major: music, dance, or theater. He chose dancing because it encompassed all three and would be his best chance at becoming successful. He made up for any lack of technique with passion by working harder than everyone else.

After graduating from high school, BTS Jin auditioned for JYP Entertainment but didn’t make the cut so signed on as a trainee at BigHit Entertainment where he is now one of Korea’s most popular idols.



In 2012 Jin auditioned for Mnet’s “Superstar K”. He only passed the preliminary round of auditions but it got him noticed by Big Hit Entertainment (an idol company) at their final selection process where they signed him up right away with no further testing or evaluation.

Jin debuted as a BTS member on June 13, 2013 as the main dancer and vocalist. BTS is an idol company signed by Big Hit Entertainment back in 2012. He started off his career as the lead singer and dancer for this boyband when he was only 18 years old.

He chose to go into dance/performance art because it made him feel more alive than anything else at one point during middle school or high school but quickly realized that performing live also gave him that feeling so he decided to pursue it as a career path.

BTS’ first single “No More Dream” became popular online even before their debut thanks to fan-made videos.

On September 2017, BTS made history as the first Korean artist to perform at a stadium in North America when they headlined sold-out shows during their American tour. They appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ show and also won Billboard Music Awards for Top Social Artist (2017) and Top Duo/Group (2016).

He is an ambitious individual who’s always looking for new ways to improve his craft by learning from many different sources such as movies or music that he’s listening to. He has a deep interest in art which can be seen through his tattoos but also just watching him dance makes it apparent how much of an artistic person Jin really is.

BTS Career

In their early years they were known for wearing school uniforms at music shows promoting themselves as “the most beautiful school boy band”. Their breakout performance came on the Korean Broadcasting System’s show Music Bank with a stage of “No More Dream.” From then on they went on to win several titles such as Artist of the Year at Mnet Asian Music Awards, Album of the Year (for their album “Wings”) and Disk Bonsang for both “You Never Walk Alone” and “Love Yourself: Her”.

In 2014 they made a Japanese debut with an Oricon Weekly Chart topping single titled “Danger.” They were chosen Best Worldwide Act in 2016 by MTV European Music Awards. In 2017 BTS became first Korean act to receive Top Social Artist award from Billboard Music Award.

Solo Career

BTS Jin has released two solo tracks, “Epiphany” and ?” in 2018. “Epiphany,” was released on April 12th of 2018 as a single from his one-track EP entitled ?.? It is written by Kim Taehyung (V) who also performed the song with Jin at their concert tour which ended on May 27th.

The lyrics talk about someone’s epiphanic realization that they are loved even though they cannot feel any affection for themselves which links back to Jin’s struggle with mental health issues.”??” was released on August 16, 2018 as a standalone track and features vocals from Jungkook. This album is an exploration into the soundscape of ’80s music as Jin used synths, guitars and electric drums.

The lyrics question the meaning of life as Jin searches for a “meaning” in his work that he can relate to himself with. He also talks about how he doesn’t have any interest in being someone’s hero or even saving somebody from their own misery because it would be troublesome for him when they eventually return the favor.

The album is an “expression of emptiness”, which ties into BTS’ past struggle with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. In November 2018, Jin won best male artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

Now, his Korean Boy group has 6 members Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga, Jimin, RM and Jin.

Net Worth

According to Forbes Jin net worth is about $12 million USD ($14 million KRW). He also ranked #55 out of Korea Power Celebrity list other than his work as a singer he is doing some acting like “The Idolmaster KR”.

BTS Jin is the youngest member of BTS. His name in Korean – 진 means to hang something on an object or nail.

Jin loves sports like soccer, football, badminton and tennis which led him to become interested in becoming a professional athlete but after receiving an offer from Big Hit Entertainment at 16 years old he dropped out of high school (he has been home studying) to pursue music instead .

He used different stage names before coming up with “Jin” because it sounded more meaningfully deep and when he created a new SNS account, his username was ‘jinxx0’ (in Korean the two Xs at the end of Jin is pronounced as “ss”).

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