BTS Jin Presents $3.5 Million Luxury Apartment to his Parents!

In the end of April this year, BTS member Jin found out that he gave his share of one of the most expensive luxury in Korea, ‘Hanam The Hill’, to his parents who were co-owners.

BTS Jin bought this condo in October last year under the joint name of his parents. The value of the transaction at the time was (about) 380 million yen.

Click on the link below for an article on the time of Jin’s purchase of the condo.

(BTS Jin purchased an additional luxury condo with accommodations!

According to the real estate registry, Jin gifted his interest in one house (206.207 square meters, 62.37 pyeong), which he jointly owned with his parents, to his parents on April 27 this year in its entirety. Under this gift, Jin’s 35% share was divided between his father and mother, 17% and 18% respectively.


In addition to this, Jin purchased another one (233.062 square meters, 70.50 pyeong) in “Han Nam The Hill” in July last year. At the time of purchase, the name of his home address on the real estate register was Jin’s father. The condo was also the address at the time Jin and his three parents purchased one house in the joint name “Han Nam The Hill” last October.

In relation to this, an official of BTS affiliate Big Hit Entertainment replied, “I can’t confirm the part about the privacy of the members.

On the other hand, ‘Hannam The Hill’ is widely known as the condo where the BTS is staying, and one condo (233.128 square meters) that Big Hit Entertainment signed a contract with will last until May 30, 2009 and still has about a year left. It has not been confirmed whether this space is currently being used as a dormitory for BTS or TXT, BTS’s younger brother group.

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