BTS Jungkook is out of stock in one word!

There are products that BTS Men Version Guku is out of stock with one word, “I drink about 2 packets a day.”

Recently there was a sudden kombucha upheaval. BTS Jungkook’s personal broadcast on February 27th at Naver V LIVE shows that the functional tea company “TEAZEN’s Kombucha” is out of stock. The TEAZEN side posted on the official Instagram the content, “Wow … what the hell is that? One month’s worth of kombucha sold out in just three days. Thank you.” Next, I added a note saying, “What does this mean? A class that runs out of stock with just one word: 2 kombucha and lemon a day. We will secure the quantity even if we work all night! # Kombucha and lemon orders flooded.”

On the 27th, Jungkook revealed on a personal broadcast that he was showing a PET bottle containing kombucha to viewers and said, “I ordered kombucha lemon powder and I drank about two packets a day because I was told it was okay.” The company that sells kombucha to the “Jungkook effect” and “Political Jungkook power”, which makes Jungkook’s words out of stock for a short moment, screamed happily.


Jungkook’s kombucha remarks have become a hot topic overseas. Overseas media also reported this content all at once, and orders are flooding from overseas. The company seems to be flooded with inquiries from overseas fans asking “Can I place an order from overseas?”


This is not the first time that Jungkook has been out of stock in one word. Jungkook replied “Downy Adorable” to the question “What kind of fabric softener are you using?” In a chat at the 2019 Fan Cafe. After that, the “Downy Adorable” fabric softener was sold out offline as well as online, and the sales volume for two months was sold out in one day. Knowing this fact, Jungkook wrote on Twitter, “I have to buy with almost all fabric softener … All sold out. Wow, Ami,” and became a hot topic among fans.

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