BTS Jungkook is subject to punishment even if a settlement is established due to a traffic accident or an accident caused by gross negligence!

“BTS” Men Version Guk was sent to the prosecution after being interrogated by the police after a traffic accident in October this year.

Generally, in the case of a traffic accident, the case is terminated when the settlement is established, so the reason why the police sent it to the prosecution with an “indictment opinion” has become a hot topic. On December 10, the Seoul Yongsan Police Station announced that it had sent Jungkook on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Act and the Traffic Accident Handling Special Law.


A police official said, “I summoned Jungkook at the end of last month to investigate the circumstances of the accident.”


According to a police investigation, Jungkook had an accident in which he collided with a passing taxi in violation of the Road Traffic Act. The taxi driver and Jungkook, who were bruised in the accident, were treated at the hospital. However, it turned out that Jungkook was not drunk driving at that time.

“Information” is specified in the provisions regarding the prosecutor’s judicial police control investigation command and the judicial police control investigation rules. The provision states that when a police officer files a case and terminates the investigation, it must all be sent to the Chief Prosecutor of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office or the Chief of the Subprefecture.

In the process, the police must include and attach a “prosecution opinion” or “non-prosecution opinion” to the transfer document. In the case of an indictment, an opinion on whether to detain or conduct an investigation in an unrestrained state is also attached.


A South Korean lawyer said, “If you have a traffic accident and the other driver is injured, you will run away, refuse to measure drunkenness, and if you fall under the exception of your 12s, the settlement will be settled even if you have comprehensive insurance. But it’s subject to punishment. “


In addition, the lawyer said, “Even if the police settled a peaceful settlement with the victim, he said that he sent it with a prosecution opinion due to a large negligence in the process of the accident, but this is a wrong story.” If you keep the signal and Jung-guk violates the signal, it is generally 100 to 0. Of course, you have to send it in the opinion of prosecution. “

However, he said, “Because (the victim) was slightly injured, he is likely to be fined for 6 to 8 weeks.” You pay the money and it ends. “


“BTS” Affiliation office BIGHIT Entertainment said in an official announcement in October that “Jungkook was driving his own car, but his mistake caused a collision with another car.” He admitted that he had violated the Road Traffic Act, and based on legal procedures, he processed the scene and made a police statement.

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