Are the BTS members good at fashion? RM and SUGA were found to be wearing the same clothes again!

RM (Kim Nam Jun) and Suga (Min Yoon Ki) of the very popular BTS (Bulletproof Boys) surprised fans with their unexpected similarities.

RM is the leader of BTS. As a rapper member, he is a talented member who actively participates in songwriting as well as songwriting.

On the other hand, Suga is also a member who contributes to BTS songs as a rapper. He also participated in composing and arranging music, sometimes producing other singers. His highly addictive songs have become popular with many people.

The two talented members showed a surprising amount in common. It’s a fashion.

The tweet shows a photo of Suga and RM respectively. A quick look reveals that the two are wearing the exact same cardigan. They have been seen wearing the same clothes for some time now, but each time they say, “I bought it by myself. I told them, “We don’t share.


This time, however, he wore the same outfit once again. It’s tempting to be skeptical at this point, but according to them, it’s a fashion that suits their own tastes. Not only their sense of music, but also their taste in clothes is a perfect match, and the chemistry between the two is breathtaking.

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