BTS release their second official trailer for season 2 of the show ‘BTS In The SOOP’

BTS is back with the second season of the calming and tranquil show ‘BTS In The SOOP’. This is a wholesome show where the members of BTS have a calm and relaxing vacation. The fans are also able to see their idle in a new light as they get a chance to watch the BTS members being in nature and completely relaxing. A lot of BTS fans loved season 1 of this show as the members shared with them the things they would do in their free time.

It was announced about a month ago that the global K-Pop act will be releasing the second season of the popular show. The official teaser video had been released just about some moments ago. We can see that in this video the members of the BTS are expressing their thoughts and feelings and we can also see that all the remembers love being in this kind of environment where they can relax and unwind their fatigue.

As popular as they are their fans probably would want to know the location of the vacation home like the previous season. After finding the vacation home in the previous season lots of fans gathered to the website of vacation home and caused the website to crash.

You can check on the video above to know more about the teaser for the upcoming show by yourself and feel free to express your opinion about the show in the comment section.


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