‘BTS’ RM left a meaningful message after seeing ‘Street Dance Girl Fighter’

Street Dance Girl Fighter

‘BTS’ RM once again left a review for Mnet’s ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ (Sgirlpa).

Last week’s audience reviews admired the skills of the youth dancers who were eliminated, but this post seems close to lamentation.

In Mnet’s ‘Sgirlpa’ broadcast on the 28th, participants who participated in the 3rd mission ‘K-POP Choreography Creation Mission’ were aired.street dance girl fighter 1


On this day, Team La Chica’s CluC competed against Team YGX’s Squid. In the process of trading choreography with the opposing team, it was difficult to understand.

They consistently aroused outrage with their attitude that each team would somehow hinder the opposing team’s victory, let alone low-level dance.

Even the masters who learned of this situation during the interim inspection did not make any special comments, and the arrows of criticism are also being directed at La Chica.

Among them, RM gave a brief impression to the fan community ‘Weverse’ right after the broadcast of ‘Sgirlpa’.

On the 29th, he expressed his feelings when he saw the mission of ‘Sgirlpa’ with the implicit word “Oh..”.

Earlier, on the 22nd, RM also posted an article related to ‘Sgirlpa’ on ‘Weverse’.

At the loss of Amazon, who had a good competition with CluC, he expressed his displeasure by saying, “Oh my Amazon..”

Meanwhile, RM recently broke through the infection with Corona virus, causing fans’ concerns. In a comment on ‘Weverse’, he drew attention by saying, “I’m also very well.”

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