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Suga is one of the founding members of BTS, and he has been a mainstay on the group since their debut in 2013. Suga’s birth name was Min Yoon-gi but his stage name “SUGA” stands for both his high school alma mater Gwangju Shinwoo High School and sugar. He is also known by his nickname Agust D which comes from the social app Veevn where he would spend time as an amateur producer before becoming a member of BTS.

He attended Gwangju Shinwoo High School with fellow BTS J-Hope.

Early Life

Suga was born on March 18, 1993. He attended Gwangju Shinwoo High School with BTS bandmate J-Hope. Suga and current bandmate BTS Jin were classmates from childhood all the way through high school. The two have been friends since they were in first grade at Seoul Paichai Elementary School and are now close to the point where they can finish each other’s sentences.

While he was in high school, SUGA and his friends would meet up at a PC room (Internet café) every day for about ten hours until it closed down around 12 AM. They were so dedicated that one of their teachers stated “sometimes I wonder how those kids do well on exams.”

Suga played Starcraft with Jin from time to time but never really got into League of Legends or Heroes Of Might And Magic like some BTS members did during their years as amateurs before becoming professional musicians. Producer Pdogg has also gone on record saying Suga is not much of an avid gamer like fellow bandmate J-Hope. However, later interviews show that this cannot be the truth.



BTS SUGA started his career as a rapper in 2006 with the release of his first mixtape ‘Hear This Music’. He continued to rap until 2010 when he was invited by Big Hit Entertainment CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, to become part of BTS.

In the year of 2012, BTS Suga was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment. They were then becoming one of the best Korean Hip-Hop groups in Korea and on top of that they also became well known for their style when it comes to fashion as well as dance moves.

Also in the same year, BTS released their debut album for which they won two Daesangs (Song of The Year and Artist Of The Year) at the KBS Music Awards. In 2017, Billboard named them Top Social Artists; this made them one of only five Korean acts ever to be so honored. Their 2018 song “Fake Love” became their fourth consecutive chart-topper on Gaon Digital Chart – making it is the longest streak since PSY’s “Gangnam Style” in 2012.

Suga has been a BTS member since 2012/13, and he is one of the founders of their company Big Hit Entertainment. Suga was the only other founding member aside from Bang Si-hyuk to be present at all meetings with agency staff until 2016 when Jin joined in as well. he has contributed not only to rap but also songwriting credits with other members including “Attack on Bangtan” and several tracks from albums DARK & WINGS, WINGS: You Never Walk Alone (WNY) , Youth and Love Yourself: Tear which made him an integral member of BTS.

Suga, as an artist with “the most multifaceted personality” is able to create music that can be both deep and emotional while having a strong presence on stage. He has been praised for his unique rap style which he calls “slow flow”. It’s quirky but it goes well together with the members’ vocals. BTS fans must have felt relieved when they heard this because their favorite rapper was back!

He also served as an executive producer for Love Yourself: Tear. His first solo track was “Agust D” from BTS’s second studio album Wings released in 2016, followed by Agust D Part Two from 2017 EP Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’. Suga has been featured on songs such as “Give It To Me”, which reached number two on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart; the viral hit song “Harvest Moon”; and Korean crooner Zion.T’s “The Song”.


BTS’s Suga has been in a relationship with J-Hope. In an interview, he revealed that they were dating since 2013 and their song “I Need You” is about each other. He said it on the Quiz Show Radio’s “Suga Date Game” programme when asked if he was gay or not.

Fashion Sense

Suga’s fashion sense has been attributed to the influence of his mother, who was a dressmaker. He is noted for dressing in outfits that combine hip-hop elements such as chains and baggy jeans with more feminine styles such as skirts or dresses, an attribute he shares with fellow BTS member J-Hope. His style also features military overtones from time to time.

He often wears clothes created by Korean designer Tony Molys’ brand Aritaum (아리타엠). In 2015, Suga collaborated with CLOT on a T-shirt design.[27] In 2016, it was announced that Suga would collaborate with American streetwear company UNIF*(unisex) on a line of t-shirts for their upcoming “WADDA” collection.

Net Worth

Suga’s net worth is estimated at $14.0 million USD.


Suga’s name stands for “mental” or “intellect”. He joined BTS after they needed another rapper to replace RM who is now their leader and main producer; he still remains part of both positions today.

As an integral member of the band, Suga has contributed not only lyrics but also songwriting credits with other members including Attack on Bangtan for Dark & Wings album, 21st Century Girl from Youth: Young Forever, and Outro: Tear from Love Yourself.

Suga also helped produce many of BTS songs including I Need U which won him Best Song of the Year for 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). His solo album Agust D released during BTS’s activities as a group charted within top ten highest-charting albums on Billboard 200 with no promotion or live appearances by Suga himself.

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