BTS Suga’s new song “Oobuchi” lyrics criticize former iKON member B.I.?

BTS Suga’s second mixtape has been released.

Suga released a mixtape ‘D-2’ with 10 songs under the name ‘Agust D’ through Apple Music and SoundCloud on May 22 at 18:00, and released the music video for the title song ‘Great Blowout’.

What is Agust D?

It’s the name Suga uses when he tells a story he couldn’t express as a BTS member, and it’s an inverse of D-Town SUGA.

D-Town is the name of a hip-hop crew that was active in Daegu City Under before making their debut.


The music video shooting location for the period drama concept “Great Blowout” was shot at Yongin Dae Jang Geum Park.

On May 6, when a sighting was posted that the BTS members were here, BTS fans thought they were filming “Run BTS!

I never imagined it would be a music video shoot.

BTS Jin and Jongguk made a cameo appearance in the music video for “The Great Blowout”.

A funny scene was staged where Jong-geuk fights after being hit in the head by Jin’s fishing pole.

It’s the lyrics that have been the talk of the town since the release of “Oobuchi.

The most attention-grabbing part of the song’s lyrics is the one that says, “It’s so pathetic to smoke drugs for such a stupid reason, you don’t have any talent.

It was suggested that the lyrics of the song were a public criticism of “B.I., a former member of iKON who wanted to be a genius and got into drugs” for not being talented.

B.I. to Han So-hee

Do you want me to buy three of them? You have to save money. Would you give me a discount if I bought it for you?

I smoke drugs because I want to be a genius.

Suga showed another gesture of criticism not only in the lyrics, but also in the music video for Ohvita.

It’s so pathetic that you smoke for such a shitty reason, you’re just not talented enough.

The music video part is this.

Suga was born in 1993 and B.I. was born in 1996. Suga is three years older than B.I.

The two have never had a fight in the past, nor have they ever criticized each other.

However, in 2014, B.I taunted BTS member RM with his lyrics.

I’m prodigal and I’m dumping beautiful men.

Call me a monster (rap monster), I’ve never called myself one.

You guys are better in front of a full body of glass than an underground dungeon.

If my strength is my appearance, I’ll be Wombin’ in front of a bulletproof glass.

If we get out, it’s a job for tone deaf rappers.

Keep it to yourself, and you, with nothing to do, will end up here.

Don’t admit you’re my junior, don’t play nice.

If you’re going to be pissed off, go ahead and beat them by force.

The song was sung by B.I. and caused a stir when he openly criticized Rap Monster (RM) at the time.

Suga’s revenge in place of RM after 6 years? This is just the opinion of some internet users.


The editor of Apple Music has the following to say about “Agust D

I think everything has piled up to make me the person I am today. It’s an album that documents four years of me, from the songs I made a long time ago to the songs I finished a few weeks before they came out.

from the Suga

It’s been four years since August 2016, when he unveiled his self-confessional first mixtape under the name “Agust D. In fact, it’s time for many things to change, and for SUGA, this time would never have seemed so short, seeing all the moments when BTS went from a rookie artist to a global star. Having made his presence known within the group with his ability to write and produce, and his special love for the hip-hop genre, he returns for his first new mixtape in four years, “D-2. And now in 2020, “D-2” has been released.

It’s a well-known fact that the name Agust D is a reverse arrangement of the “DT Suga” that I previously wrote about in my lyrics. The “DT” refers to Suga’s hometown, or “D Town”. Singing about the brilliant success of his new identity and the confusion, worries and hesitation lurking behind it, he says that he doesn’t know where SUGA ends and Agust D begins, and that Agust D is just going on because he is a living, breathing person.

If you think it’s different, it feels different, but is it really? In my opinion, it cannot be considered in isolation. The important thing is that I am moving toward the truth of life, whether it is a Suga or an Agust D. The important thing is that I am moving toward the truth of life.

Is there ever a time again when we need this kind of calm living than this year, when BTS was preparing for a world tour after releasing their most beloved album since their debut, MAP OF THE SOUL:7? Deciding to use the “unplanned leeway” that had arisen from unexpected circumstances to focus more on his creation as Agust D, SUGA set to work on his second mixtape, D-2. Since the first mixtape, the experiences and emotions that have built up so tightly since the first mixtape have been shared, showing how much more I’ve grown.

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