BTS Tete is treated specially, Jungkook is discriminated against? A flood of criticisms for photographers!


Jungkook fans claim that well-known directors and photographers in the industry treated only Tete specially, and Jungkook discriminated against him. Some fans are attacking the famous director and photographer Instagram, and the two are plagued by malicious writing.


In the case of photographer Hong Jang-hyun, it is rated as the best in the industry. In addition, he has worked with BTS many times to shoot magazines and cover ads, and recently he was also in charge of Esquire and Coway ads. However, some fans were angry that Hong Jang-hyun gave priority only to Tete and Jung-guk discriminated against him.

<Photo of Jungkook fan getting angry>

A photo of Esquire claiming to discriminate against Jungkook.

Jungkook fans pointed out that “Hong Janghyeon’s photo shoot is in a position where Jungkook can’t always see his face, and Tete is in a position to monopolize the spotlight.”

In the Coway ad, Jungkook criticized Tete for being in the forefront, even though he was behind him. For this reason, Hong Jang-hyun photographer, who suffered from malicious writing, blocked Instagram comments.


Recently, BTS had the opportunity to work with Baik Jung-yeol to promote cloud beer.

Director Baik Jung-yul posted an advertisement video of Tete on his Instagram, but he had to delete Tete’s poster and video when he participated in the criticism not only Jungkook but also Jimin’s malicious individual fans.

All fan clubs in the idol group have malicious individual fans. These fans respect and love only one of the group members. If you have to claim the rights of an idol you like, you may get angry without worrying about the other members. If it’s just an internal problem, it’s not a big deal, but more seriously, it often annoys the staff with whom malicious individual fans claim only their idol rights. Recently, such a phenomenon has become prominent in BTS photographs and videos.

The reason why the cloud beer promotion was criticized is that Tete is the main reason and the faces of other members are not reflected a little. So individual fans were furious and criticized Baik Jung-yeol. BTS’s Instagram, which is said to be the best in the industry due to the excessive attachment of some overseas fans, has a series of malicious writings that insult them.

However, most BTS fans have criticized the negative behavior of fans that affect the professionals they work with.

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