BTS V Gets Two Guinness World Records By His Instagram Account


BTS V aka Kim Taehyung made Guinness world record after getting more than 10M Instagram followers in a day.

Getting a million followers on Instagram is not so easy it takes many years and hard work to get this amount of followers. Even Hollywood famous celebrities still don’t have 10 Million followers on their social media but BTS V has made a world record by crossing the mark of 10 million just in a day.


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As per the Guinness World Record team, they did confirm that BTS V got about 1 million followers within 43 minutes of creating the account and crossed the mark of 10 million within 4 hours 52 minutes, making it one of the fastest times to reach 10 million followers.

Previously 1 million fastest records were made by NCT’s TAEIL MOON, Rupert Grint, and Jennifer Aniston. On the other side his mate’s RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook has more than 20 million followers each.

BTS V’s hold two Guinness World Records

BTS V holds the two records at the same time with the help of Instagram, BTS is probably the rare group in this world that has a very loyal fanbase who are always ready to buy merch, concert tickets, and anything related to BTS.

Within a week of opening an Instagram account, all of the BTS members have crossed the mark of 20 million. But between the 7 members of BTS, V has managed to make the two world records at the same time.

Also, at the moment BTS V is the second person to have huge followers in the kpop industry after GOT7’s Jackson Wang. Anyway, V has just a million followers less than Jackson Wang and there is a very high chance that V can break this record anytime soon.

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