BTS V To Take Legal Action Aginst YouTuber Sojang


Becoming famous with crazy fans also comes with lots of troubles and issues, same thing happened to BTS V aka Kim Taehyung who was recently targeted by YouTubers who are spreading false rumors and fake news about him.

Defaming kpop idols has increased recently more than ever may be due to the free time in lockdown, whatever the reason these days kpop idols are getting defamed more than ever.

With a huge loyal fan base it is sure to get jealous and haters in the same amount of getting loyal fans. Sometimes in school, there starts a fight between loyal fans and haters which made the situation more critical.

Sadly, this time BTS V became the target of haters who are creating a lot of rumors on YouTube. YouTuber named Sojang has uploaded a lot of false videos and rumors targeting BTS V. Since, the loyal fans of BTS started to comment on those videos it started to catch fire and go viral which made many nonfans of BTS believe these false accusations.

BTS’ V to take legal action


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This time BTS is not sitting quite, BTS V is in the process to take legal action against YouTuber Sojang. At first BTS member V commented, “Oh?!! I will proceed with a lawsuit. I guess I can earn some snack money with this. Even mentioning my family and friends, see ya.”

After this comment from Kim, fans have supported V and said that they will never be manipulated by these fake rumors. Since, BTS V mentioned the channel Sojang made a new video stating that “Breaking news, V has mentioned my channel on Weverse and has seen my videos. He shouldn’t have said that he could earn ‘snack money’ as that will just make it harder for him, but that’s just V for you. How much bigger will this channel get? This is the one and only YouTube drama channel that world star BTS watches.”

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