BTS Vi & actress Ha Ji Won, enthusiastic theory emerged!

The photos and comments that actress Ha Ji Won recently uploaded to Instagram became a hot topic, and the theory of dating with BTS Vi emerged.The two have been acquainted with each other for a long time, and Ha Ji Won became a hot topic by posting photos and comments taken with Vi twice on his Instagram in the past

When the photo taken by Ha Ji Won and Vi together was released on September 18, 2017, the two fans were wary that a passionate theory might emerge in a surprising friendship.



December 11, 2017 Three months later, Ha Ji Won, who came to see the BTS concert, released a photo taken with Vi.

Until this time, it was known that they were supporting each other as fans, but recently the two enthusiastic theories suddenly emerged. The reason why the enthusiastic theory emerged was the recent Instagram photo posted by Ha Ji Won.



<Ha Ji Won’s Instagram>

The photo uploaded yesterday showed only “Blue & Gray Heart” without any explanation.



Some BTS fans who saw this associated it with the third track “Blue & Gray” of BTS’s latest album “BE”.

“Blue & Gray” is known for the songs composed and written by Vi. In addition to this, some fans who insist on the enthusiastic theory also present the contents of past interviews as evidence.



When asked who he would like to meet most now, Vi replied that he was Yuriko Ishida, who appeared in the Japanese drama “Escape Shame” in 2016.



<Person correlation diagram of escape shame>

Yuriko Ishida played the role of public relations manager of a foreign-affiliated cosmetics company in this work. Yuriko Ishida falls in love with Ryohei Otani, who is 17 years younger in the drama. In the final episode, the main character, Mikuri Moriyama (Aragaki)’s aunt, Yuriko Tsuchiya (Yuriko Ishida) and Mikuri’s partner, Tadashi Tsuzaki (Gen Hoshino), are juniors of the company and “Super”. Ryota Kazami (Ryohei Otani) of “High-spec handsome” reached the end, and received a lot of feedback from the viewers.



The reason why this story became a hot topic for BTS fans is Ha Ji Won, 42 years old (born 1978), Vi 25 years old (born 1995). The difference between the two years is just 17 years old. Some enthusiastic fans argue that Vi might have said this with Ha Ji Won in mind.


However, other BTS fans have denied the enthusiastic theory that nothing can be done without a 17-year-old difference.

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