BTS’s RM Wants To Break As An Idol


There is a surprise to the BTS army after RM wanted to break being as an ideal.

Do you think he can break it?

There are many things of ideal, they wail you automatically that they will you have surrounded by a poss all the time. From manager to staff one would think that ideal definitely needs to go around with the last manager to staff prevent unexpected mishaps from occurring, however, this then leads to the misconception that ideals players cannot to the ever level the house with staff following then.

Wherever I go, people always say like, did you come without a manager? How come you’re around without a manager? It’s dangerous outside! It’s not a bad thing but people just have a bias towards singers, that we cannot do anything well alone. But I think it’s possible to be a star that can do things well on their own. I think it would be good to show people that such a star exists.

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