Changbin (Stray Kids) Profile and Facts

Changbin (STRAY KIDS)

Stage Name: Changbin (창빈)

Birth Name: Seo Chang-bin (서창빈)

Birthday: August 11, 1999

Height: 167 cm (5’6″)

Changbin Facts

Changbin was born in Yongin, South Korea and he also got an older sister. You can also call him by nick name Mogi (mosquito), Jingjingie (whiny), Teokjaengie (chin), and Binnie.

He completed his education from Bora High School and later he started to train for his musical career.

Chan and Jisung are also on same sub-unit as him and their pre-debut group name is 3RACHA. Changbin is also called as SPEARB, which is also his stage name in 3RACHA.

On his group this boy is also called as very charming and active member who also has specialties on writing rap and lyrics.

“Awesome, our son is a talent! We should’ve had helped him to pursue his music earlier” this is what his parents told when they heard the news that his son was accepted by JYPE Entertainment.

Besides this Changbin hobbies are listening to music, going shopping and running because he runs very fast.

The weather which adores him a lot is autumn and most of the time you can find his room on dark because he loves black and dark color.

His passion is also on collecting stuffs maybe watch, tickets or anything and he don’t gets scare by horror movies.

Changbin favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar and he loves his rap very much, he also tries to make his rap fluent like Lamar.

This boy takes a regular bath in the morning and always tries to keep his body and mind fresh. The first thing he order when he go to the restaurant is French fries because he loves it very much.

Changbin also loves Americano and he said he is very good at playing football. While there is silence on the group Woojin said that this man always crack some jokes which made the group laugh and break the silence.

On vacation the first thing Changbin do is going to roam another city or country with his fellow band members and also going trip with them and he don’t want to stay inside room for single minute on vacation.

He was also featured in SMTM 5 and it was not for hour but just for some seconds.

Talking with vLive, he said that if he wasn’t in Stray Kids than he would run for his another interest known as producer or writer.

The moment when he raps on his school’s festival and every student present were making awesome reaction and happy to listen his rap, made his interest to go more deep on musical world.

He is very close to IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon and this friends often used to meet with each other. Changbin is also a fan of IKON’s Jinhwan.

Many times his parents force and also told him to go abroad for his education but he never went abroad because he doesn’t want to leave his parents.

Among his fellow band members this guy dorm is very clean and very big as well. Once Hyunjin told that this guy sleeps on his bed most of the time rather sleeping on his own bed.

His old dorm was shared with Changbin, Woojin and Felix. You can also check out this guy on former member Wanna One‘s Yoon Jisung song and the song name is ‘You… Like The Wind’.

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