‘Cherry Blossoms After Winter’ Episode 2 Release Date

‘Cherry Blossoms After Winter’ is officially available, and supporters are eagerly anticipating Episode 2. The event began with all of us eventually catching a glimpse of the two lads, Hae Beom and Tae Seong. Hae Beom, who had been on the sensitive side, was preparing brunch before heading to school. Tae Sung, on the other hand, was panting hard in the workout prior to beginning his workday. While Hae Beom is the youngster who’s taken on in the classroom, Tae Sung is indeed the cool kid with and everyone else in the class is in love.

Despite the fact that they share a house, the folks in class have no idea they are related. We also got a glimpse while Hae Beom was finishing his meal on his way to class. Hae Beom reveals in his monologue that he is an orphan since his parent perished in a tragedy. Whereas the seven-year-old had nowhere to go, Tae Song’s mom, Ha Eun Sun, brought him home. Hae Beom has already been staying with them ever since. And during that period, Tae Song has kept his head down from Hae Beom since he has never desired a sibling. With both the start of the new school year, the girls in Tae Seong’s classroom were overjoyed that he would be in the same classroom as them.

His academic and athletic abilities, along with his endearing appearance, have established him a school star. While he didn’t pay much attention to what people surrounding him, he made an effort to live up to expectations. As he entered the new class, he was relieved to see that his pals were too in that class. On the other hand, Hae Beom was taken aback when he entered the classroom and spotted Tae Sung seated there. He’d previously and being in the same school as Tae Seong. His bullies pulled him in and forced him to sit with them because he stood at the entrance. Jun Seung proceeded on to present himself to Tae Sung after requesting Hae Beom to get him some lunch. But Tae Seong ignored him and urged him to mind his own business. Tae Sung observed Hae Beom being tormented from the side during the first day. But he didn’t speak or say anything in-home or school. But, just as he was prepared to take a stance the following morning, the teacher walked in. He sat beside Hae Beom after seeing him having lunch alone yet again.

‘Cherry Blossoms After Winter’ Episode 2 Release Date & Preview

Episode 2 of ‘Cherry Blossoms After Winter’ will be released on March 3, 2022. He motioned for him to stroll beside him as he stood just beside him. Tae Seong inquired about the bullies, but Hae Beom dismissed them as friends. Hae Beom turned 18 the next day. He went to school after eating his birthday supper and receiving a birthday gift from Eun Sun. But school remained the same. Jun Seung approached him as he sat at his desk, begging for money. Jun Seung moved on to search his luggage after telling him he didn’t have the cash now.‘. When he discovered the package stuffed with cash and was going to steal it all, Hae Beom eventually used his words to confront the bully. While Tae Seong assists Hae Beom in fighting off the attackers, the question concerning the two’s connection may come up in class.’ Episode 2 of ‘Cherry Blossoms After Winter’ will be accessible on streaming sites such as WeTv and Rakuten Viki.

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