Company name changed to BTS agency “Big Hit → HYBE”!

BTS agency, Big Hit Entertainment (hereafter, Big Hit) has been found to change its name. When Big Hit changed its name to HYBE, it announced a proposal to change its trade name in the news of the convocation of a general meeting of shareholders.

According to this announcement, the company name will be changed from Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. to HYBE Co., Ltd. Also, the homepage address currently in operation will be changed to HYBE.

In addition, Big Hit side revealed that after changing the company name to HYBE, in addition to the conventional singer’s album production and management business, all commercial transactions, related distribution business, real estate leasing business, etc. will be added to further expand the business domain. did.

Currently, Big Hit includes Pledis Entertainment, SOURCE MUSIC, and BE: LIFT. Artists belonging to Pledis Entertainment include NU’EST and SEVENTEEN, and artists belonging to SOURCE MUSIC include GFRIEND. BE: LIFT’s artists include ENHYPEN, which was formed through a survival audition.

It is speculated that the reason why Big Hit changed the company name this time was that a new company name was needed to include all the companies under its umbrella. Meanwhile, Big Hit’s shareholders’ meeting, where the bill will be voted on, will be held at the Dragon City Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul at 9 am on the 30th.

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