“Crash Landing on You” Kim Jung Hyun, a certain action burns the net!

Actor Jung Hyun Kim, who played the role of Ku Seung-jun in the drama “Crash Landing on You” and secured many fans, has been criticized for his past actions on the internet.

Following the enthusiastic theory that actor Kim Jung Hyun and actress Seo Ji Hye co-starred in the drama, a conflict over the contract period with his agency was reported. Kim Jonghyun’s agency is currently applying for mediation with the Korean Entertainment Management Association. Kim Jung Hyun’s agency said, “Although the contract with Kim Jung Hyun ended in May, there was a blank period that occurred due to the sudden drop from the drama” Time “in 2018, until the middle of next year. The contract period must be maintained. ” According to a person familiar with the matter, the president of the agency at the time when Kim Jung Hyun left the drama “Time” for health reasons had a lot of trouble trying to get things done.

It has been revealed that the entertainment agency that Kim Jonghyun is about to transfer to is the cultural warehouse of Seo Ji-hye’s agency, which was reportedly enthusiastic, and criticisms have been received against Kim Jonghyun. Kim Jong-hyun and Seo Ji-hye have denied reports about their love, but after denying their love, their date photos have been reported, which has puzzled fans.

Recently, a certain action that Kim Jung Hyun took to Seohyun, a member of Girls’ Generation who played a role in the production presentation of the drama “Time” in the past, has become a hot topic, and the internet is on fire.

◈ What is the criticized behavior of Kim Jung Hyun?

1. 1. I didn’t look at Seohyun, didn’t say hello, and when I was resting, I was only in the car.


2. 2. During the affectionate scene, he often showed an unpleasant appearance.



3. 3. After touching Seohyun once, I wiped my hands with a wet tissue as soon as the performance was over. It may have been a misunderstanding, but Seohyun shed tears at the shooting site when she saw it.


4. In the arbitration of the president of Kim Jong Hyun’s agency, Kim Jong Hyun once apologized to Seohyun, but it is said that his behavior has not changed significantly since then.


5. At the drama production presentation held on July 20, Kim Jung Hyun showed a different expression and behavior than usual. He went up to the stage and showed an expressionless appearance from beginning to end, but when Seohyun tried to cross his arms with Kim Jonghyun toward the camera, he showed a cold refusal.

6. The scriptwriter was stressed considerably when he requested the scriptwriter to revise the script to minimize the affection scene and skinship in the play with the other actress. As a result, I entered the wedding hall without crossing my arms.


7. After doing all the selfish actions so far, I dropped the drama.

◈ Summarize the facial expressions that Kim Jung Hyun showed at the drama production presentation in the past





In particular, the appearance of being coldly in contact with Seohyun has become a hot topic, and there is a flood of writing criticizing Kim Jung Hyun on the Internet. There are news reports that the reason why Kim Jung Hyun took such an expression and attitude at the drama production presentation was due to a fight with her at that time. She was also an actress at the time, and it is said that she shot a drama with Kim Jonghyun. However, no matter how much he quarreled with her, not only did the actor look like an actor, but his rude attitude toward Seohyun, who played the other role, was criticized.

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