Criticize BLACKPINK Rose who does not celebrate the 1st place of Brave Girls!

Many people are worried about the fact that Rose did not appear on the result announcement screen even though he was nominated for the first place in the music broadcast. BLACKPINK Rose is promoting solo with two songs, “GONE” and “On The Ground”, which are their first solo debut songs, and is actively promoting new songs such as appearing in music programs and entertainment programs.

On March 21st, Rose was nominated for No. 1 along with Brave Girls and SHINee in SBS Inkigayo, but lost to Brave Girls by more than 700 points. However, only Brave Girls appeared on the stage to announce the result of the 1st place. Previously, all the idol groups and artists who appeared on that day always gathered on the stage of the announcement of the first place in music broadcasting, but due to the spread of coronavirus infection, only the first place candidate in the music program is now on the stage. Can be done.

However, Rose was not only a candidate for the music program “Inkigayo” but also a candidate for Mnet “M COUNTDOWN” and MBC “Show! Music Core”, but did not show up on the sta

In principle, the results of music broadcasting will not be published in advance. But Rose appeared directly on the stage and could be ranked number one, so why didn’t he show up on the stage to announce the results? There should be many Internet users who are interested.

The other singers celebrated the number one singer on the stage when they nominated for number one. ATEEZ stayed in 3rd place, but celebrated the Brave Girls who took 1st place on the results announcement stage.

It’s understandable that the internet users didn’t appear, but they criticized why only Rose didn’t show up on the stage when he appeared and went to the stage. Even though Rose is a member of the world-famous girl group BLACKPINK, it is rude to other singers to not show up on the stage of the first announcement.

This week, all music programs other than “THE SHOW” are expected to be No. 1 in Rose, so Rose is expected to appear on the stage for announcing the results.

Then, will Brave Girls, who won first place this week, not show up on the result announcement stage like Rose? Brave Girls are expected to be on the stage of announcing the results to celebrate Rose, who won first place.


It’s not clear if he knew the result of the first place in advance, but net users criticize Rose’s attitude that it is not good for him to be celebrated and other singers not to celebrate.

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