DAY6’s Jae Apologizes For His Comment About Jamie

jae day6

DAY6’s Jae has apologized recently, which he made about the JYP Entertainment’s Jamie.

Jae made his apology through his official social media account by tagging Jamie’s Twitter account and the apology statement was published in English.

He also added the sorry message to all those who were hurt by his comment including Jamie. The comment was made with poor taste and hurting words, this is very bad and Jae is feeling sorry.

What was his comment?

On a live event program, he said, “Now that I’m not in K-pop anymore, I can say this. Why is Jamie trying to be a th*t?”

After hearing this statement, Jamie found it to be stressful and hurtful she even added a tweet stating and expressing her feeling, but those tweets have been deleted already.

At the moment, Jae has already left the DAY6 K-pop group.

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