Descendants of the Sun Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Descendants of the Sun

There is problem in Descendants of the Sun main two actor making this show release date unknown. It is confirmed season 2 will be released.

Some of the most popular Korean dramas are known for their perfect blend of romance, action and suspense. The show Descendants of the Sun was no exception. We will be discussing everything you need to know about Season 2 including cast, release date, trailer and more!

The cast includes stars like Song Joong-Ki and Kim Ji-Won reuniting once again as Captain Yoo Shi Jin and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon respectively. Season one ended with a cliffhanger of sorts, so it’ll be interesting to see how Season 2 will unfold.

What’s great about Descendants of the Sun is that there are many parts in season one where the characters have conversations about what has happened and their feelings for each other. We can’t wait to find out if these moments continue throughout this season.

The show Descendants of the Sun is a perfect blend of romance, action and suspense that you can’t find anywhere else!

Descendants of the Sun Season 2 Release Date

Descendants of the Sun, an epic Korean drama about a group of friends serving in a special forces unit and their love lives post-army was released on 24th February 2016. The 16 episode series aired for 60 minutes each with its final broadcast airing 14 April 2016.

This drama which also stars Song Joong Ki and many other Korean celebrities, you’ll be happy to hear that season 2 has been confirmed. However, there is no release date yet; this article was written before it had even finished airing in Korea!

The cast and crew of the hit drama are working hard to finish it by 2022, but there is still no confirmation on when that will be. Stay tuned for any updates!

The plot and the main actors can be changed. In Descendants of the Sun Season 2, since two main actors Soong Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo got married soon after they shot this drama together in 2016-2017. They both fell for each other during filming but eventually divorced afterwards to start a new life separately as single individuals again.

There are rumors that the two actors who starred in season 1 chances they will not seen in season 2. Yet, production company of this drama has confirmed there will be season 2 and we still don’t know when it’ll start filming or what changes to expect from the first installment yet!

Where to Watch Descendants of the Sun

You can watch it on Netflix, Hulu, WeTV, Apple TV and Viki. This drama was huge hit so, many are waiting for it’s second season.

Descendants of the Sun Plot

Sergeant Major Dae-Young and Captain Si-Jin are two police officers of Alpha Team, and they are also the special forces. The story begins when they apprehend a thief on his motorcycle in their city who gets injured during the chase. Once he is admitted to hospital for treatment, Sergeant Major Dae-Young realizes that he left behind some of his things at scene and that was his cellphone.

When he go back to the hospital once again to get his phone he met Dr. Mo-Yeon and he instantly fall in her love. But the doctor thinks that these guys is also part of thief gang soon later they proved he is not from thief gang but he was part of police force.

Later this couple start to date, but their date gets interrupt many times because of their duty. Anyway they tried to maintain their relationship and dating at any condition.

When they start to get on relationship they both realize that they are not fit to each other since, their goal, habit was completely different.

And they moved on, but later one senior of doctor tries to take sexual benefit of her, she just refuse which made senior angry and he transfer her to another hospital where she once again meet Si-Jin.

But this time they tries to each other in deep and they success on it as well.

There are lots of goosebumps, you must watch to know it all. And we hope the story is more exciting on season 2. The plot of the story is about two couples overcoming hurdles together and living happily ever after.

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