Did J-Hope Actually Weared a CONDOM shirt?


BTS’s J-Hope is currently in the limelight after he wore a condom-designed theme shirt.

Within two days of BTS members launching their personal Instagram account, these guys are on a hot topic with few controversies. Recently, Taehyung aka V followed and again unfollowed BlackPinmember Jennie there were lots of controversies and now J-Hope is back with new action where he has uploaded condom themed Shirt.

The photo was on a grey filter wearing Justin Reed sunglasses and a pendant. When the photo was uploaded at first ARMY didn’t notice any special facts and they were not surprised but happy with the new J-Hope photo but later when netizens looked closely matching with other shirts it was found that J-Hope was wearing condom themed shirt.

The photo comment has been disabled and fans are not able to comment on the photo so, they started a thread on Twitter where fans started to talk on this topic.

And this is the not first time that BTS members are wearing any weird shirts because in the past Jungkook wore a Hobi’s weed T-shirt and Jimin was a photoshoot with a ‘Blood and Sperm’ shirt.

As soon as J-Hope posted this photo ARMY are very positive and they also stated that J-Hope is promoting safe sex practices. This shirt was designed by Alex James’ collaborated with British retailer END.

The theme of this shirt is to promote safe sex to BTS fans.


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Initially, the online community was said to be “embarrassed” and “shocked.” However, when the meaning of the shirt is known, positive reactions such as “exercise of good influence”, “man with proper sex education”, and “man who is wonderful the more you know” are beginning to stand out.

Some of the Netizens Comments:

  • He won’t suddenly become a dad, I’m jealous of their fans -he won’t suddenly become a
    father. I’m jealous of their fans. Given that I was married to two people, I had no choice but to agree with this comment.
  • When I first saw the title, I wondered what it was, but it really made sense. I’m sure there are people who criticize it, but I thought it was nice.
  • The person wearing it feels the need for education, so you’re wearing a shirt with that kind of message w, right?
    Who is the education for? Are you appealing to people who aren’t interested in BTS? First of all, it ’s army.If you don’t feel that it’s extra care, isn’t that army flower garden too much?
    If Giselle wears like this, I’ll stop the fans in one shot www

    Ah, it’s nice to tell Ishikawa-san where you’re looking. That’s not true (^ _ ^)


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