Don’t Watch These K-Dramas

korean drama to ignore

These are the KDramas that I completed regretted watching and wish to get my time back. I didn’t like them for various reasons. The thing I hate the most is when the female lead is written in like an idiot which is why I can’t bring myself to sit through a lot of the older KDramas. The other reasons are bad acting, bad storyline, weak character development, or just plain boring.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty

I really only got through four episodes. I felt bad for the female lead because kids were cruel to her when she was growing up and she felt she needed to have painful surgeries to feel normal. I also don’t agree with shaming someone for getting plastic surgery. She had no redeeming qualities other than feeling sorry for her and it was not enough to hook me on the show. Cha Eun Woo’s acting was very flat, maybe it got better after the 4th episode.

What to watch instead: True Beauty


sisyphus season 2

I was excited about this show for the previews because I like the idea of a strong female lead even though I’m not a fan of Park Shin Hye’s acting. I find her uncomfortable to watch and she was very awkward in this show. The storyline of this show was really disorganized. They mixed both parallel universes and time travels and it’s hard to combine both sci-fi concepts. And what the hell with the ending?? There was no explanation or I fell asleep and I missed it.

What to watch instead: Alice

The K2

The K2

This show had decent action scenes but it wasn’t enough to cover how bad the female lead character was. She was completely useless. Just someone that needed to be rescued. She and Ji Chang Wook had zero chemistry.

What to watch instead: Iris, Vagabond, Mad Dog, or Midnight Runners (movie).

My First First Love

Stupid, bad acting, and just boring. Just don’t watch it. I don’t know how it got 2 seasons.

What to watch instead: Literally any other rom-com. ANY other romcom.

Cinderella And Four Knights

The characters were all really terrible. I didn’t find anyone likable. The story was done and played out.

What to watch instead: Boys Over Flowers. This show was really just a bad knockoff of Boys Over Flowers.

Memories Of Alhambra

memories of the alhambra

This show could have been good but it felt really unfinished. I think it got such high ratings because of two popular leads and the beautiful scenes in Spain. The female lead played by Park Shin Hye was crying the entire show. I don’t know why. Her character could speak Spanish and ran a bed and breakfast in Valencia and this did not match her character at all. Some of the scenes were random and I didn’t understand how some of them were related to the main story. The ending also felt very unfinished. I watched the whole thing because I was hoping it would get better but it didn’t.

What to watch instead: Are You Human? or Where the Stars Land

The Heirs

Refer to Cinderella and the Four Knights above. The abusive male lead is so terrible and it makes it worse when the female lead is crying all the time.


I didn’t know a show could be so terrible. I thought it would be scary but it was just bad. The ending was really bad. I can’t even explain how bad this show is. Just don’t watch it. This isn’t even a controversial opinion.

What to watch instead: Sell Your Haunted House or Tale of Arang

Do You Like Brahms

do you like brahms

My main issue with this show is the lack of character development of Chae Song Ah (Park Eun Bin). There was no chemistry between the leads. They both looked super uncomfortable during the whole show. Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae were much better in other shows. I get that the show is supposed to be one of those slow burners but this show was just slow without the burn.

What to watch instead: When the Weather is Fine or Something in the Rain

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Ra Ra (Go Ara) had so many traumatic things happen to her in such a short time and she was just bright and happy the entire show as if women should always be smiling. It didn’t make sense. What the fuck with the ending? It was the worst.

What to watch instead: Hometown Cha Cha Cha



This show was just plain boring with bad acting. I particularly didn’t like how Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum) kept telling Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) that he was going to rescue her. Come on, she is a CEO of a major company, I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. I finished because Park Bo Gum is so cute. The acting was bad the characters were not anything special. Overall, the story and characters just made this show super boring.

What to watch instead: Something in the Rain

Scholar That Walks The Night

I wanted this show to be good but it was so boring and the female lead was so useless and always needs to be rescued. I was looking forward to a dark vampire series but this show was slightly comical at times. I thought it would be darker because Lee Joong Ki is the lead but I was wrong.

What to watch instead: Gu Family Book (Kangchi The Begining).

Marriage: Love And Divorce

I dropped this show after 5 episodes. I thought it would be more dramatic. It was basically just crappy men cheating on their wives and how they got away with it. This show made it to three seasons so I’m sure there are people who liked it.

What to watch instead: Penthouse

Touch Your Heart

This show was not terrible. I didn’t hate it. It was cute and the female lead was cute. It just felt like a bad knockoff of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

What to watch instead: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

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