K-Drama Doom at Your Service Review

doom at your service

Rating: 7.5/10

Plot: Tak Dong-kyung lives a fairly ordinary life until she stumbles onto an unexpected fate and ends up signing a hundred-day doom contract with Myeol Mang, a messenger of doom between gods and humans.
(Actors: Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk)

Thoughts: I liked this drama but at the same time, I’m not sure I enjoyed the plot. I watched it for Park Bo-young cause I watch everything she’s in. At least this one is way better than her last drama Abyss.

So Dong-Kyung thoughtlessly wishes to doom the world cause she’s having a bad day and Myeol Mang strong-arms her into a contract. It was either agree to the contract or get hit by a large truck. What kind of choice was that? So she’s in this Doom contract where either she wishes doom on the world and everyone but her dies. Or she doesn’t wish doom on the world and only the person she loves most dies. Either way, she lives. I mean, what a gloomy set-up.

Throughout the drama, there’s like a perpetual rain cloud over her head. She’s trying to figure out what to do and how to “work the system” so that no one has to die, but nothing seems to work in her favor. Honestly, it’s a bit depressing because I wind up thinking about fate and how the direction of your life can change for the worst in a moment.

As for our second leads and their love triangle, their story is a bit gloomy as well! Girl in high school who is ghosted by her boyfriend and carries that love/grudge for 10 years… wow, that is too much. Kang Tae-oh is cute, but come on. And Joo-ik similarly carries a torch for Ji-na for 10 years without seeing her or talking to her? Just strange. Even though at first I kinda rooted for Joo-ik, in the end I just can’t get on board with his personality. It’s so aloof and cold! How do you date someone whose facial expressions never change?

One thing I didn’t really get was that Myeol Mang was cold and heartless to humans because he felt they were all the same. Only when Dong-kyung came around did he feel feelings. And I get that she is a nice person, sure. But it’s not like she’s super extraordinarily nice. She’s no Mother Theresa or anything. She’s just a nice person. So it didn’t make sense to me that she was the only one able to change him. Or was it cause they were supposedly fated? I guess it was.

What worked for this drama is the acting. I thought Seo In-guk was a great male lead with Park Bo-young. Their chemistry was believable and I could always easily feel whatever Dong-Kyung was feeling. (Park Bo-young is so good!) I really enjoyed the cinematography and how the drama was filmed.

I also loved Dong-kyung’s fashion. How can she get away with wearing such baggy loose clothing but it doesn’t look terrible on her? She’s a bit short and so am I and for sure the clothes she wore would swallow me up, but it looked really good on her! Major props to the stylist.

Bottom line: I liked it, but probably will never rewatch any of it. Interesting/new concept but something just kinda fell short a little bit. Maybe I just didn’t jive well with how it ended.

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