Drug case lawyer, three reasons to criticize BoA’s introduction of illegal drugs!

“Staff mistake”

“Miss due to ignorance”

“I made a mistake”

“Make such a mistake again

“The staff who knew the mistake of the person”


BoA, a singer who was investigated by the prosecution on suspicion of secretly bringing in psychotropic drugs such as zolpidem (sleep inducer) in Japan. SM Entertainment of the agency immediately announced the admission statement and repeatedly used the expression “miss” five times.


The agency also acknowledged the facts themselves. “It is true that the staff of the overseas branch office sent the medicines by mail without formal import customs clearance.” However, he completely denied the “intention” that was decisive for the establishment of the suspicion. “I wasn’t aware that even drugs that were successfully prescribed overseas would be a problem in South Korea,” he said.


Attorneys dealing with hundreds of drug cases expressed almost the same opinion. “The content announced by SM Entertainment is rather disadvantageous to BoA,” he explained specifically as follows.

“Miss’s agency’s excuse is likely to be unacceptable in the first place, but rather a typical smuggling technique, and therefore BoA is likely to be brought to court,” he said.



◈ Three reasons why lawyers saw “problems” in their agency announcements

1. 1. There is no explanation for bringing in in the name of domestic staff

The prosecution believes BoA was caught trying to bring in Zolpidem under the name of “domestic staff.” BoA, the ultimate recipient of Zolpidem, did not make a direct deal, and Japanese and Korean staff acted as a bridge. However, although the agency said, “It was a mistake of the Japanese staff at the overseas branch office,” he did not mention the Korean staff at all.


The lawyer said, “According to the announcement of the agency, the Japanese staff received the drug on behalf of the new coronavirus, but if it was received through normal procedures, why would this be the Korean staff instead of BoA? It is necessary to explain whether it was brought in under the name. ” If the relevant part is not clarified, it is judged that “this is an element that increases the possibility of criticism by itself.” Despite this situation, he pointed out that it was not convincing because his agency did not reveal his position on this at all.



2. 2. It is a problem to send Zolpidem, which can be prescribed even in Korea, in Japan

Zozorpidem can also be prescribed in South Korea. However, there are various restrictions. According to the standards issued by the Narcotics Administration Division in September this year, the daily dose cannot exceed 10 milligrams (1 tablet), and the treatment period does not exceed 4 weeks. The prescription breakdown is also shared with all domestic medical institutions.


The lawyer said, “If you have any symptoms, you can’t explain why you bought Zolpidem in Japan, which you can buy in Korea by following normal procedures.” “BoA recently experienced a sleep disorder, even from the announcement of the agency. Especially in that respect. ”

Other lawyers also said, “It was possible to get a new prescription from another doctor in the country, which is another factor that raises the possibility of criticism.”



3. 3. That technique is typical of drug smuggling.

“It’s hard to understand SM Entertainment’s explanation that they didn’t know it was illegal to bring in the drug,” the lawyer said. “You may not have known such detailed customs clearance procedures, but you should be aware that the drug is controversial in the entertainment world and may cause legal problems.” I explained. “It’s hard to believe that I handled the work sloppyly, even though I knew the situation,” he said.


In addition, “a typical method of drug smuggling is to deliver by mail overseas delivery”, “This is not a dimension allowed by ignorance of the law, and even if it is a mistake, BoA who is the final recipient is recognized as unnecessarily intentional. Probably. “


Other lawyers said, “BoA is likely to be brought to court and punished.” “The level of punishment is expected to be a suspended sentence.”

In fact, Zolpidem is a drug included in the “psychotropic drug Nimoku” under the Narcotics Control Law Enforcement Ordinance. The punishment standard of the sentencing committee under the Daihoin (equivalent to the Supreme Court of Japan) for importing and exporting this is that the basic sentencing is “10 months to 2 years in prison”.



◈ The Korean media interviewed Japanese medical professionals about how they perceive this BoA case.

In South Korea, it is difficult to receive a substitute for drugs that affect the nervous system, such as sleeping pills. It remains doubtful whether local Japanese staff who are concerned about BoA’s health can receive drugs such as zolpidem on behalf of local hospitals for BoA. Based on the findings of a doctor received in South Korea at a local hospital in Japan, I asked if the drug could be prescribed locally in Japan and if the Japanese could receive the drug on behalf of another person instead of the patient himself.


A psychiatric clinic in Shinjuku, Tokyo said, “It is difficult for Koreans to receive medicine locally in Japan with the prescriptions they received in Korea. It may be possible if you bring your ID and insurance certificate with your consent. No, “he said. Another internal medicine hospital also stabbed a nail saying, “It is impossible to get medicine in Japan with a prescription in Korea.”


All Japanese medical personnel said, “In order to receive a prescription for a drug, it is necessary to have a medical examination and medical treatment on site.” In addition, Japanese medical personnel commented on the “local situation where the new coronavirus can be used to receive drugs on behalf of others”. It’s only about relatives. “


He then drew a line saying, “It is impossible for an agent to explain the patient’s symptoms and receive a diagnosis and receive medicine. In Japan, patients should be examined and treated directly.”


On the other hand, SM Entertainment must not only emphasize the ignorance and mistakes of Japanese local staff, but also explain how they went through the “normal procedure”.

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