DSP to sue APRIL former member Hyunju and his younger brother, online burning!

APRIL, a girls group suspected of bullying former member Hyunjoo of APRIL, and DSP Media, the agency they belong to, have revealed their true intentions. He revealed that he would sue not only Hyunju but also Hyunju’s younger brother and friends for all the disclosures. The official announcement of DSP does not mention the “dissemination of false facts” that the agency usually claims. The official announcement of DSP to sue for the courageous exposure of the victim’s younger brother is on the net.

An internet user who recently claimed to be Hyunju’s younger brother claimed that “Hyunju did not leave APRIL to become a performer, but was bullied by the team.” The younger brother revealed that “Hyunju was bullied in the team, suffered from panic disorder, and attempted suicide,” and was controversial.


After allegations of bullying against Hyunju surfaced, DSP said, “Hyunju expressed his intention to leave the team and we stopped, but he withdrew because his intention was stubborn. According to the situation at that time, someone was the perpetrator or It cannot be divided into victims. ” However, after that, an internet user who called himself a friend of Hyunju said, “All members of APRIL bullied Hyunju and there were no bystanders,” and posted about the content of the bullying that he heard directly from Hyunju.

According to the content, the first person to bully Hyunju was Somin, a member of the mixed gender group KARD and a former member of APRIL, and Hyunju was the target of a misunderstanding. Na-eun put miso soup in the important tumbler of Hyunju given by her grandmother without permission and left it in the refrigerator. When Na-eun was discovered after stealing Hyunju’s athletic shoes, he threw them without apology. Hyunju’s mother visited the company after Hyunju committed suicide, but the members laughed and ignored it.

Hyunju was bullied by a member of APRIL before the confluence of Choi Kyung and Rachel, according to the claims of his brother and friends. Hyunju’s friend said, “Hyunju’s depression was so severe that everyone around him knew, and the perpetrators didn’t apologize or reflect until the end.” After leaving, I had to write a false letter for actress activity, “he said.” If I left to act, I wouldn’t appear in “The Unit (idol audition program).” did.

DSP has issued a counter-thesis against this writing. I clarified the contents one by one, but humorously, the counter-thesis revealed the situation of bullying. Na-eun used Hyunju’s tumbler without permission, he wore shoes without permission, the members were on good terms with the manager, and Hyunju’s mother visited the company.

The DSP seems to misunderstand that the official announcement will settle the problem. After the announcement of the DSP, the public searched for evidence on the net one by one. There were no traces of tumblers in the DSP dormitory, which said, “There were about 40 to 50 tumblers in the dormitory.” In particular, the members’ bullying, such as the strict gaze and expressionlessness directed at Hyunju during shooting, the appearance that responds to the actions of other members but not the actions of Hyunju, and feeding food other than Hyunju The situation remains in the video.

<Video of bullying remaining>

From the left in the order of sitting, Jena → Somin → Hyunju → Naeun → Jinsol → Chaewon.

The other members scoop up warm jjigae in pairs and eat, but only Hyunju, who sits in the middle, eats only rice and cold soup.

Na-eun won first place in a charming showdown. After receiving the beef, I will feed each member one by one, but skip only Hyunji who is next to me and feed the other members.

Jinsol avoids the line of sight when Hyunju stares.

When Hyunju says, Jinsol looks stern.

Jinsol’s poisonous expression stares at Hyunju talking.

When the producer asked what he would eat for lunch, Hyunju tried to raise his right hand, saying “Be quiet,” while Hyunju said that he was chicken. Jinsol is a younger sister who is three years younger than Hyunju.

At the moment when they grab each other’s thumbs, when Hyunju finally tries to catch them, they all ignore them.

An internet user who called himself Hyunju’s younger brother continued his second exposure. Hyunju attempted suicide and released the records of the hospital emergency room that was carried as evidence. Former APRIL member Somin and currently active Chae Won, Na Eun, Jena and Jin Sol. If the allegations that the members bullied Hyunju turned out to be true, the younger brother’s revelation was a courageous act for Hyunju, who still belongs to the DSP.

This is because my sister had the courage to apologize for the time taken by the DSP and the members. Sadly, the hospital record released by his younger brother coincides with the official time when Hyunju takes a temporary rest for health reasons. The hospital record released by his younger brother was May 11, 2016, and the diagnosis name F190 was a mental and behavioral disorder due to the use of multiple drugs and other psychoactive substances. On May 12, 2016, DSP announced that it would suspend broadcasting activities for Hyunju’s health reasons.

The DSP called “Hyunju-san” in the first announcement and pretended to be neutral, but now he has removed the name and will sue Hyunju and his family and friends. It’s a very emotional and childish response. Both Hyunju and APRIL are artists who still belong to DSP and have a duty to protect. Looking at past cases, there were no cases in which the company sued the artist and the artist’s family. Members who have suffered the same team members and pushed them to the edge of the cliff while having a profession loved by the masses. Much evidence still remains, as he did not hide his jealousy and hatred at the moment the camera was spinning. Nonetheless, DSP and APRIL have shown the position of “accusation” instead of apologizing to the victim and the victim’s family.



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