Elvis Presley’s Daughter Lisa Marie Debunks Infamous Myth Surrounding Her Famous Father’s Favorite Sandwich

Elvis Presley, even 45 years posthumously, remains a figure enveloped in myths and tales. Among these stories is one tied to his supposed favorite delicacy: a peanut butter and banana sandwich, lavishly fried in butter. Yet, Lisa Marie, his sole offspring, has come forward to untangle the truth behind this iconic snack linked to the rock and roll legend.

Elvis’s Taste Tested on the Road

In a 1996 special aired by BBC Four, Mary Jenkins, the personal chef at Graceland for Elvis, took viewers on a culinary journey. She reminisced about Elvis’s request for her to recreate a sandwich he had savored during his travels.

Despite her diligent efforts – which included finely chopped bananas sandwiched with peanut butter, followed by grilling – she struggled to perfect it to Elvis’s liking. It was Vernon, Elvis’s dad, who provided the golden tip: to toast the bread before frying. This extra step resulted in the sandwich that won Elvis’s heart.

Jenkins openly shared her generous use of butter, revealing to The New York Times that she utilized two sticks for just three sandwiches. “The sandwiches would practically swim in butter,” Langston remarked. “You’d keep flipping them until they had absorbed all the butter. That was when Elvis approved.”

Lisa Marie’s Memories Lack the Famous Sandwich

Lisa Marie fondly reminisces about her celebrated dad, but her memories aren’t filled with culinary moments.

“I have vivid recollections of spontaneous adventures with him, like midnight golf cart rides,” she shared with Good Morning America. “Those intimate moments, just the two of us in the golf cart, were so special.”

Contrary to popular belief, Lisa Marie contests the idea that the famous fried peanut butter and banana sandwich was a staple in Elvis’s diet. She mentioned, in her chat with ABC News, that she had never actually seen him eat one. “I only took my first bite of that sandwich a year ago,” she confessed.

Graceland’s Warmth Continues for Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie spoke to USA Today about the enduring connection she feels to Graceland, the nation’s second-most visited house after The White House.

“It’s truly a sanctuary. The ambiance at night is unmatched. My beloved family still resides in Memphis. Whenever I visit, we dine at [Graceland]. Our family’s presence is very much alive there,” she conveyed.

Lisa Marie is captivated by the untouched vibe of Graceland. “The place seems frozen in 1977. The palpable energy, reminiscent of that era, engulfs you. It’s truly magical,” she reflected.

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