ENHYPEN Confirmed 1st Repackage of ‘Dimension: Answer’


ENHYPEN is a Korean boy band that was formed in 2020 and as the band was only formed a year back we can say that they are newbies but don’t let that fool any of you, you know why? because even though their band or group was formed in 2020 they have already started gaining the attention of many people and they have even already sold their debut album Dimension: Dilemma.

Yes, they have already broken many records and have given many hit songs like Drunk Dazed, Fever, Tamed Dashed, and many others. After the success of their three albums now they are working for their first repackage album and they have announced this news on December 10 the album name is going to be Dimension: Answer. As per the news, their first repackage album will be released on January 10, 2022.

Their album has also got more than 500 million Spotify streams which is one of the fastest Kpop streams held by ENHYPEN.


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Rookies Sold Millions

As already mentioned ENHYPEN is a rookie or newbie band and the fans of the band who are also known as Engenes also knew about that but they all supported and welcomed the new band and as a result, their debut album Dimension: Dilemma got 910K pre-orders.

Not to mention that their album also became the highest first-day sales and in only a week they sold more than 800k and as we can guess that the album was about to be sold more than just 800k.

ENHYPEN is also the only fourth-generation band to sell 500k and two of their albums were listed on Billboard’s top 20 list of 200. And, as everyone guessed soon after they sell 800k their sales were only getting higher, and later was the album was sold to more than 1 million so was also awarded a million-seller badge by Gaon Chart.

Dimension: Answer Pre-order

As mentioned their first repackage album Dimension: Answer is going to be released on January 10, 2022, and there’s not even a month left for it to release. Fans are really excited for their comeback and if you want to know about pre-order then pre-ordering has already started and it will be over after a month.

Also, we have some exciting news to share about the band, ENHYPEN will be performing at KBS Gayo Festival with TXT and many fans have tweeted and shared posts to support the band and wish them good luck with their upcoming album Dimension: Answer.

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