Enhypen ‘Dimension: Dilemma’ got more than 600K pre-orders


Just after 6 days of the band released their new album ‘Dimension: Dilemma’ they managed to get over more than 600K pre-orders.

Enhypen team planned to released their album in September but due to the rookie boys’ health or after they suffered from COVID-19, the band planned to release their album in October which also made the boys disheartened.

But the fans of this band were very excited and they already started to do a pre-order. At the time of releasing the album, the boy’s health was affected by the deadly virus so, that they were very excited but still unable to release it.

Anyway fan-supported them massively and they also did more than 600K orders in a very short period of time.

Pre-orders made a lot of $$$

As per HYBE a company that manages Enhypen has said that they managed to get 600K pre-order by September 23 and as per the record label management company they said that the company has seen more than 150K orders increase as compared to their mini-album which was released some time ago.

Last time the band released their mini-album named ‘Border: Carnival’ and it also managed to hit more than 450,000 pre-order at the time. These years the boys’ band has managed to see a lot of growth in their album sales and it has also helped them to generate a ton of money.

Enhypen’s growing rapidly

HYBE is the same company that also manages the BTS and TXT is doing its best to make Enhypen the best band. Being junior this rookie boy group has learned a lot of things from their senior when the senior is also one of the most demanded musical groups in the world.

In this competitive musical world, Enhypen has shown to the world that they are doing their best each day and soon they will also conquer the K-pop world soon. The album Dimension: Dilemma’ will be released digitally on October 12 and the albums also have three versions and concepts like Scylla and another concept Odysseus as well as blue concept Charybdis.

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