ENHYPEN to become million-sellers as pre-orders of ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’ surpasses 900k


A few days before the release of their upcoming full-length album, ‘Dimension: Dilemma’, the fourth-generation rookie band from HYBE, ENHYPEN drew a lot of attention to themselves. Nowadays, the group is trending on Twitter with the release of concept photos and teasers in the run-up to the album.

HYBE’s subsidiary label that manages ENHYPEN, the last recorded pre-order news from Belift Labs, said that the group had already achieved the title of half-million sellers when the group recorded 600k pre-orders days after the album’s announcement. Now, five days prior to the release of the album, ENHYPEN is about to become a million-seller as the pre-orders for the album have exceeded 900k units.

ENHYPEN achieving new heights as it records 900k pre-orders

According to the official distributors for ENHYPEN, “Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music”, pre-orders for their first studio album have reached 910, 000 units. With this record, they have achieved a new peak as the group records a massive 900l+ pre-orders. They have achieved such a great feat within three weeks since their pre-orders began on September 17.

The second mini-album and the last album released by ENHYPEN, ‘BORDER: CARNIVAL‘ recorded 450, 000 pre-orders, which is half of what the group has achieved with ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’. They have made a huge contribution to the K-Pop industry. They are rapidly growing not only in terms of sales but also in terms of views.

On October 6, ENHYPEN released the preview video for their album and it got over 1.5 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of its release. This video made lots of fans around the world to be curious about ENHYPEN’s upcoming release.


It was revealed by the group that their first full-length album is about the story of boys entering into a hyper-dimensional world where values collide. The group’s effort to tell a story with their song, since their debut has been noticed by many. This album portrays their younger selves as they now face a dilemma that will help them find out their desires for the first time.

The Tracklist of their album and the song ‘Tamed-Dashed’ will serve as the album’s title track as announced by ENHYPEN. The song is about the boys who experience everything a young boy in love would, as they reveal the contradictions and conflicts of diverse desires in their lives and an absence of dilemma that makes them feel self-conscious and anxious.

This album will be released on October 12 at 6 PM KST and after the release, they will perform the title track on a comeback stage on Mnet at 7 PM KST on the very same day.

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