Espa ranked first in her debut song for the first time in 14 years since Girls’ Generation!

SM Entertainment’s new girl group “aespa” won first place in their debut single “Black Mamba”. In the music program “SBS Inkigayo” broadcast on January 17, Espa won first place for the first time since its debut.



Espa, which debuted on November 17, last year, ranked first in the music program two months after its debut. This time, the 1st place of Espa became SM idol who won the 1st place in the debut song for the first time in 14 years since Girls’ Generation. Girls’Generation’s first music program won first place with the song “Girls’ Generation” on M COUNTDOWN broadcast on October 11, 2007.

The song that ranked first in the music program of the idol group belonging to SM Entertainment.

▶SHINee’s first 1st place, Love like Oxygen

▶f (x) first place, Pinocchio

▶EXO’s first 1st place, Wolf (Wolf and Beauty)

▶Red Velvet’s first place, Ice Cream Cake

▶NCT’s first place, My First and Last


Espa said, “We have become the first place in music broadcasting for our popular songs. Is this true? From the rookie award to the first place in terrestrial broadcasting … I want to show you my appearance, “he said with a message of joy.



Members directly spoiled about the next new song in the behind video of the Espa music broadcast released on YouTube yesterday.


Winter: We know the next song, don’t we?

Gisele: That’s right.

Winter: We know the next song, but the next song …

Ninnin: Fight!

Karina: You can really expect it.

Winter: The next step for Black Mamba. Such a song that exceeds Black Mamba is waiting.

Gisele: That’s right.


The behind-the-scenes footage was shot in the dressing room of the music program “THE SHOW” on November 24, a week after its debut. It’s been about a month and a half since then, so Espa’s new song should be ready. If senior group Red Velvet makes a comeback first, Espa’s comeback is likely to be two months later, but fans’ expectations are rising as there is a possibility that it will come back before Red Velvet.

On January 17th, Espa was the last activity of his debut song “Black Mamba” and his last chance to be number one on a music show. Since Espa did not appear in “SBS Inkigayo”, he could not get the trophy directly, but he conveyed his joy to the fans through the official SNS.


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