Everything About Jaejoong’s Tattoo

For some people, tattoos are used to express what they have to say, what they believe in, things that they are thankful for, or things that they don’t want to forget. It is the same for Kim Jaejoong. He has more than 10 tattoos so far on his body, some of which fans know the meaning of and some they don’t.

Because the tattoos are hidden in locations that few will notice, it’s difficult to tell they’re there. However, if you watched his performances or photo sessions when he sometimes removed his top, you’d be able to make them out easily because they’re usually taken from his back. In an interview with Elle, he once stated that he wanted tattoos all over his body because he wanted to show off.”As I’ve spent my life up till now, the things that I don’t want to forget, the things that I was glad for, and the things that I was sorry for.”

In 2005, while on a JYJ tour in Las Vegas, he got his first tattoo done with JYJ member Park Yoochun. TVXQ Soul was the first design he drew in.

This tattoo, in my opinion, doesn’t require any more explanations. Since he recorded it in 2005 while he was still a member of TVXQ, it’s safe to say that it captures his feelings towards the group at the time.

The tattoos that are immediately adjacent to it are the following. Fans first saw it on September 13th, 2008, at a Shanghai show. “The joy of the powerful is the sorrow of the poor,” is written on the left, and “A song will survive all preaching in the memory.” is on the right. Just below the phrase TVfXQ Soul, there is a tattoo that reads “Hope to the end”. These tattoos, according to rumor, are a tribute to his followers and members.

Both of his back tattoos, on the right and left sides were initially devoid of any wing designs. And on that fateful day, fans realized they’d been missing for a while. The audience first saw the wings during their performance at the Seoul Drama Awards. Both of Jaejoong’s tattoos include wings, which can be seen in the photo above. It turns out that he created the wings!
There’s also a tattoo on his back, which you can see if you look carefully enough. JYJ MAHALO Photobook in Hawaii was the first to display this photo, thus it was most likely taken shortly after their “Unforgettable” concert in Japan (October 15-October 16, 2011). The tattoo reads in German, “Ohne Glauben bist du tot,” which translates as, without fail, You’re dead.

After his German name is inked on his forearm, he has his birthdate inscribed in Roman numerals below it. If you’re still unsure, here’s a picture of his entire back tattoo.

As previously noted, right below the German tattoo is written his natal date. 0126 0204 is the meaning of the Roman numerals. Additionally, his bandmates’ names can be found on both sides of the logo, with “MICKY” on the left signifying Park Yoochun since Micky was Yoochun’s stage name while he was a member of TVXQ. Then there’s “JUNSU” on the right-hand side of it.

The tattoo on his forearm with the names of his bandmates was most likely made before October 30, 2010. On May 5, 2008, he had a tattoo of Tatist member Park Yoochun work on his right chest. As the saying goes, “Always Keep the Faith.” To quote him, “The Always Keep the Faith’ tattoo on my front reflects my desire to defend my values,” according to an ELLE interview with the actor.

“Defer to Neminem” is inked just over the phrase “Always Keep the Faith”. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the phrase “Accuse no Man” is part of the quotation. When it was first seen, it was at a MIROTIC concert in Shanghai on October 2nd, 2009. There’s a tattoo that reads “Deferto Neminem” directly over the words “Always Keep the Faith”. It’s from Shakespeare’s Helmet quote, which means “Accuse no Man. It was originally spotted on the evening of October 2nd, 2009, at a MIROTIC show in Shanghai.

As time has passed, admirers have begun to discover that he has other tattoos on his body, but no one knows what the purpose behind them is. Some people ignored him, but others questioned his taste and wondered what he meant when he said he “carved” the tattoos.

Near his thumb on his left hand, he has a melody note. There are many who believe they’re all random, but others believe they must have some significance because Jaejoong has claimed that each tattoo on his body holds some sort of significance for him in the past.

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