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Are you wondering when is true beauty season 2 release date? Or who are the cast and what is the plot of this drama than we got all your answers fulfilled.

True Beauty is a South Korean romantic comedy television series.

In a world where people are largely defined by how they look, Lim Ju-kyung is an outcast. She has been bullied all her life for being fat and ugly until she learns to apply makeup in order to get popular at school.

Though it’s only temporary success for the shy girl who fears showing herself without any cosmetics on, there still seems hope that one day this might change as South Korea opens up more opportunities in TV shows like “True Beauty.”

The original title of ‘Yeosin-gangnim’ or translated into English as ‘Ms. Prominence,’ was changed from its original name due to international copyright infringement with another show bearing the same name; however, despite their differences both offer compelling stories about the hardships that women go through to live up to the notions of beauty.

“Yeosin-gangnim,” a South Korean show, follows three different characters: Lim Jukyung, Lee Yongju and Kim Yeonji as they try out for “True Beauty.” The girls are judged by panel members while undergoing various challenge such as waxing and dressing up in high heels without so much as a complaint.

The show has been praised for not only its beauty but also the messages it sends about women’s self-esteem, body image and sometimes overlooked intelligence. The contestants are intelligent, hardworking and confident; according to Korean perceptions of ideal womanhood. They never shy away from a challenge.

Season one of “True Beauty” has just begun on the South Korean network MBC and it is already a hit with viewers. The show will be airing for four weeks, but if all goes well in the ratings department, then there may be more seasons to come.

True Beauty Season 2 Release Date

The new season of ‘True Beauty’ premieres on December 9th, 2020 and has 16 episodes that each last for an hour.

The second season of the show is yet to be confirmed and it’s unclear if a Webtoon has been released. Thankfully, this fan favorite will not see an abrupt end with just one episode remaining – there are still plenty more episodes for your enjoyment!

With the show doing well, season 2 could come out in 2022. The response from viewers is essential to a show’s renewal and this series seems like it’ll be getting renewed for season two with its source material that can still adapt into episodes next year.

True Beauty Season 2 Casts

The series is about the relationship between three high school students and their complicated dynamics. Lim Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young), who has been overlooked her whole life because she’s considered ugly, meets Lee Suho (Cha Eunwoo).

The two quickly become friends as they both know how to see beyond what society sees when looking at someone’s face. Things get more complicated for them though, since Han Seo Jun – also a student in the same class with them – falls in love with her too!

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