EXO’s Suho Military Discharge Date Has Got Fixed

exo suho

EXO Suho is about to get discharged from the military and the date has been published by EXO’s management company. And this is the real good news for EXO fans because they are hoping for this and want to see their idols on stage very soon.

Suho is 30 years idol who was enlisted in the military on May 14, 2020, and before he got into enlistment, his fans were lucky to get his solo song EP ‘Self-Portrait’ with the title ‘Let’s Love .’

The song got listed and received KBS Music Bank, MBC Show! Music Core and SBS Inkigayo.

Exo Suho Military Discharge Date

As per the South Korean mandate, EXO Suho will get discharged on February 13th, 2022. As per the government, any Korean men with the age between 18-28 need to serve for about 18 months in total as per military project.

Exo Members’ Discharge Dates

There are still other EXO members who need to get released from military enlistment but by now Suho got a chance to be released and the date has already got fixed.

  • Chen: 25th of April, 2022
  • Chanyeol: 28th of September, 2022
  • Baekhyun: 5th of February, 2023

EXO-Ls has been waiting for their leader to get back in the group for a very long time and this is really good news for the fans because he is about to get released.

His fans have already started to create sounds all over social media including Twitter, the fans also started a new thread that shows Suho release date countdown.

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