Fans interpret the meaning of BTS Jungkook’s new arm tattoo!

On January 19th, episode 125 of the variety show “Run BTS! 2020” was delivered, and it was Jungkook’s arm tattoo that caught the eyes of the fans. Jungkook’s tattoo has been talked about many times, but the tattoo released this time was so clear that it could be clearly confirmed on the air.




Including the Jungkook arm tattoo released this time, I investigated and summarized the Jungkook tattoos that fans have interpreted so far and their meanings.

▶Alphabet ARMY: ARMY, BTS fan club name

▶Purple Heart: A word used between BTS and ARMY to mean to believe and love to the end

▶The ring finger “J” is used to enter the hypothesis of “J” in “Jungkook” and the names of the seven members of BTS (focus on V if you look at A in reverse, and ARMYJ if there is “J”. You can find the names of BTS members at). Opinions are divided on the hypothesis that it is written.

▶The shield-shaped logo is the official ARMY logo




▶0613: BTS debut date June 13, 2013



▶Arm tattoo: tiger


▶The kanji on the inside of the sleeve is the name of BTS’s 2015-2016 series album, the most beautiful and happiest moment in life.

▶The picture on the inside of the arm is Mike.

▶Sign under the bracelet: Poetry ending pose for the little ones.

By the way, the poem for the little one was recorded as a song dedicated to the fans. The theme of the album is to give back to the fans.



▶The contents of the letters that intersect the X-shape on the arm are “RATHER BE DEAD THAN COOL” and “MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES”, respectively.

▶RMAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES: Make hay in the sun (enjoy when you can enjoy it)

▶RATHER BE DEAD THAN COOL: I’d rather die than be cool (I’d rather die without passion)




▶Question: What if you have a motto to live your own life?

▶Jungkook: It’s better to die than to live without passion.

▶PLEASE LOVE ME and the tiger lily that covered it.

▶Jungkook’s birth flower, Trayuri’s flower language, “Please love me.”



The increased number of Jungkook tattoos was flooded with surprises and worries from fans. Fans are flooded with comments such as “I don’t want more tattoos” and “I want you to go back to the old Jungkook”.

It was revealed that the number of tattoos on BTS Jungkook’s arm was increasing.

Will BTS’s oldest Jin and youngest Jungkook join the army five years later?

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