Fans who have been threatened with murder by imitating BLACKPINK Rose!

AllissaShin, a Korean-American who resembles Rose like a twin sister in BLACKPINK’s fan community, is famous.

Recently, Alisa got a lot of attention after revealing that her SNS was frequently attacked by BLACKPINK fans.

The photos that Alisa uploaded on her Instagram are very similar to BLACKPINK’s Rose in terms of facial features, style, and charisma that immediately remind her of Rose.

BLACKPINK fans claim that “Alisa is a fanatic of BLACKPINK and she stole and imitated Rose’s style,” and Alisa recently said she would stalk, harass, and threaten to kill her on Instagram. Posted on Instagram.

As some of you know last year, I have experienced several stalking, intimidation and murder threats. I was always wondering what was happening in their minds and what they thought about pushing to the extreme because they believed I was stealing BLACKPINK’s rosé. I would like to talk with these people and make a video while sharing it with everyone.


Internet users responded to the behavior of some BLACKPINK fans by saying, “I’m not spoofing, what’s wrong with imitating by taking advantage of the advantages similar to Rose?” It’s terrible to do that, “he said.

<Photos published by Alisa on SNS>

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