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Felix is a member of the Korean band STRAY KIDS. He was born on September 15, 2000 in Seoul South Korea and he’s currently 20 years old as of 2021. If you want to know more about this talented artist then continue reading!

He has a very shy personality. He brings out his inner child when it comes to anything like games, make-up or even just being silly in general. Felix loves cats!

Felix is a Korean Australian who was born in Sydney. He has two sisters, Rachel and Olivia, and went to St Patrick’s Marist College for Catholic education before he trained as an artist for one year. Felix speaks English but considers himself bilingual because of his experience abroad with the other language being Korean; apparently it wasn’t easy when he first started learning English at school! His shoe size 255 mm which isn’t so unusual- I think we can all agree that boys are just on another level altogether (and our feet feel the pain!) When asked what his charming point was, without hesitation he responded “my freckles.”

Felix is a 3rd degree black belt at taekwondo, he won a lot of medals when he was young. He also loves swimming and beatboxing; in his free time, Felix enjoys listening to music or dancing with friends!

Felix’s favorite sport is soccer. His favorite season are autumn and winter because it reminds him of home (Korea). When asked about his overseas artist Ariana Grande preference for her song “One Last Time,” the answer came out effortlessly: “It has so much meaning behind what she sings.”

Favorite color? Black – lucky number 7 that represents good luck- an even more fitting choice since Felix just became world champion last year(2017)!

Felix is a cheerful kid who always sees the bright side of things. He loves rice cakes, and can’t eat spicy foods because he gets really dizzy when they make his nose runny—but nonetheless enjoys being able to do so with friends! His favorite food is sushi; it tastes good but also gives him energy for the day ahead. When asked what makes Felix feel brave? The answer was music: “A little braver by New Empire.”

He likes comedy and action movies. He’s close to Boy Story members Xinlong and Zeyu, as well as The Boyz member Eric. His role model is BIGBANG’s G-Dragon!

Despite being eliminated in December, Felix was brought back to the show and is now living with Stray Kids’ Woojin and Changbin. When he first arrived at their dorm on March 4th of this year, it took him a while to adjust – but when I visited again last week his voice had turned friendly!

Felix is a charming songwriter with an easy smile and friendly voice. He would be nothing without Stray Kids, but he loves being able to use his creativity in both the music industry as well as on social media where Felix posts about everything from a new anime series or what food they’ve been craving lately. The 43rd most handsome man according to TC Candler should have it all!

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