FNC apologizes to former AOA member Mina and suggests Jimin’s retirement from the entertainment world!

FNC Entertainment (FNC) finally broke the silence and issued an official statement and apology regarding issues surrounding former AOA member Mina and other AOA members.

FNC apologizes for the inconvenience and concern about the unpleasant incident about AOA. Mina prays that he can recover his health as soon as possible and expresses his deep apology, “the apology statement Announced.

The FNC said that the apology was delayed, “I was worried to convey a clear position. The members also suffered from criticism and misunderstanding. I know well that there is criticism against us and the members.” It was

The following is the full official announcement of FNC Entertainment.

FNC Entertainment. We sincerely apologize for causing the inconvenience and concern in the unpleasant incident concerning AOA. Mr. Kwon Mina, who is having a tough time, prays for his health as soon as possible to recover his health and expresses his deep apology.

Our position statement was delayed. I’m sorry. We apologize for not being able to take care of the details of the relationships between the members. We have been struggling to give you a clear position on this matter. The members have also suffered from criticism and misunderstanding. We also know that there are criticisms of us and our members.

However, even though we were worried about our position, we decided that Mr. Kwon Mina should be the top priority to recover. In the process, we decided to explain and correct each case only by creating an exciting issue and it would not be a solution, and each AOA member may comment. I’ve stopped. I decided that it wouldn’t be a solution to the fact that it would be a riot to make a naive comment in front of you.

Recently, Kwon Mina asked a person related to our company about Shin Jimin’s future activities. Since I was talking, I wanted to avoid unnecessary mentions.

At present, we also strictly adhere to industry standards for the settlement and other matters that were taken up by Kwon Mina’s SNS, and if there is any problem, we will fulfill our legal responsibility.

Once again, I pray for the recovery of Kwon Mina’s health from the bottom of my heart, and I will make every effort to resolve the issue satisfactorily. Please support and encourage Kwon Mina to come back in good shape.



After making an official apology for the FNC, there have been a flood of’writing criticizing the FNC on the internet.

There are three reasons why FNC is being criticized.

1. There is a misunderstanding

FNC announced that there was a misunderstanding about what Mina exposed. AOA members also tried to refute Mina’s exposure, but said the company stopped it. The public argues that it should be clear which one is lying after the FNC and AOA members have published what they have argued against.



2. Retirement of Jimin’s entertainment world

The FNC has announced that Jimin will cease to be in the entertainment industry rather than retire. In this announcement, Mina asked the FNC if Jimin wasn’t retiring from the entertainment world, but was really quitting. However, the FNC did not give a clear answer to Mina’s question. However, when criticism rushed from the public, the FNC announced in this official announcement that Jimin had retired from the entertainment world.


3. Apology without apology

Mina’s heartfelt apology was not included in FNC’s official apology. When I read the FNC’s apology, there are many things I want to say to Mina, but I want to avoid making the situation worse, so the net users criticized that there is only an excuse for feeling that I will announce the apology for the time being. ing.



◈ Current state of Mina

At 10:05 on August 8th, Mina’s Instagram posted a critique of AOA ex-members Jimin, Seolyeong, and FNC President Han Sung-ho, along with a photograph of the blood flowing through the list.


Mina severely criticized Jimin, Seolyeong, and FNC President Han Sung-ho as “people like garbage, people who drive people to death.”


Mina also left a suicide note saying, “I’m going to a happy place. It’s very painful here.” Mina also committed suicide on August 6, mentioning the dead Solli and posted, “I want to see him.”


After confirming Mina’s Instagram, Mina’s affiliated office immediately notified the police, “Ureactus,” and sent the ambulance crew to Mina’s home.



After that, officially announced from Mina’s affiliated office that there is no special case for life.



After Mina’s suicide, there has been a flood of criticisms of Seolyeong.

Although Seolyeong has seen her best friend Jimin bullying Mina, she has been criticized online for sticking next to him and acting like an avatar. In particular, it was revealed that Jimin and Seolyeong even included friendship tattoos as proof of friendship, and they are angry at the masses.


FNC President Han Sung Ho, who Mina mentioned, was born in 1974 and is 46 years old this year.

He has a bad reputation in the idol entertainment office.


Mina is still in hospital and hasn’t read FNC’s official apology statement and treated him.

Attention is focused on how Mina responds to FNC’s apology, which has been criticized by the public.

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