‘Formula of Love’ out of stock and fans trends ‘JYP Respect TWICE’


Recently, many fans are getting vocals about how their artists are being mismanaged by their labels. Agencies like CUBE, YG, SM, Woolim, and JYPE have come under fire in the few past months for not treating their artists like Soojin, Blackpink’s Lisa, Red Velvet, IZ*ONE member, and DAY6’s Jae Park. And once again the popular K-pop girl group TWICE has drawn the attention of the fans. TWICE’s fandom ‘ONCE’ noticed that their upcoming album ‘Formula of Love’ had been out of stock on the first day itself.

Lots of achievements can be made even before the release of the album as we have seen with NCT 127, Stray Kids, and Enhypen becoming almost a million sellers with their album pre-orders. NCT127 recently made history by getting one million pre-orders for ‘Sticker’ on the first day of release itself. Stray Kids who are under JYPE had 830k pre-order stock for ‘NOEASY’. As a result, ONCEs are very angry as the veteran group like TWICE is not getting the same treatment as JYPE’s newer artists.

 TWICE still at the peak

They are currently at their peak with the latest English release ‘The Feels’ breaking several records so it would be foolish to think they are inactive. And on October 13, their album had entered several Billboard charts, also the single was a massive hit in Japan. The single was also ranked #3 on Billboard Japan’s Hot 100, which is more of a reason to show jYPE that TWICE deserves better management.

This is a recurring issue between JYPE and their older artists as the albums ran out of stock. Fans had sent loads and loads of messages asking for better management and promotion for GOT7 before the boy group just ended up leaving the agency. ONCEs hope that JYPE listens to them as they threaten to do the same. JYP Entertainment came under fire for excluding Jeongyeon from the season’s greetings merch as she is on a hiatus for mental health reasons. TWICE has often hit snags with albums being out of stock in the past.

Fans trends ‘JYP Respect TWICE’

Fans are unhappy with the label as the album ran out of stock and they have gone into social media like Twitter to express their feelings and anger. Fans have made tweets which are given below.

“Pre-orders shouldn’t be sold out?? Cuz it determines the number of actual albums to produce?? I mean you’re clearly holding their sales now. And for what? RESTOCK FORMULA OF LOVE”

“So why did our pre-orders get sold out while other JYPE artists don’t experience this? ITS A PRE-ORDER, IT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS. Do your job. RESTOCK FORMULA OF LOVE”

“how is formula of love STILL out of stock and which company in their right minds completely dismisses the fact their group made history in hot 100 again their second group to do so unbelievable tbh #JYPRestockTWICEAlbums #JYPRespectTWICE RESTOCK FORMULA OF LOVE”

please burn down jyp entertainment, i’m sick and tired of this company not respecting Twice and not managing them properly. can’t they take a hint from the got7 situation ? #JYPRespectTWICE”

How are you expecting twice to break records if you can’t do the bare minimum for them? Just restock the albums the same way you did for your other artists. #JYPRespectTWICE #JYPRestockTWICEAlbums”


TWICE ENTERED LOTS OF NEW MUSIC CHARTS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES with #TheFeels, and the SOLD OUT SERIES IS HAPPENING AGAIN?! so Hot100 isn’t enough to make you think they can get more than 500K sales? RESTOCK FORMULA OF LOVE #JYPRestockTWICEAlbums #JYPRespectTWICE @JYPETWICE”





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