Who Is G-Dragon Dating? About His Current Girlfriend

Big Bang G-Dragon

G-Dragon is a South Korean rapper, record producer, singer-songwriter, fashion designer, and entrepreneur who never reveals his girlfriend in the media.  He is a Big Bang member of one of the K-pop boy bands under YG Entertainment along with six other members. He is also known as “King of K-pop” as he debuted as the leader of the boy band Big Bang, which went to become one of the best-selling boy bands in the world.

He has a personal preference of not revealing his girlfriend to the public as he believes that she will be affected more because he is a celebrity. He knows that the public has the right to know but he has no obligation to let them know.

But even so, we have gathered some information about his past and current relationship that is given below.

Current relationship status

Currently, he is dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Although their label YG Entertainment has not released any official statement about the artist’s personal life. But Dispatch revealed the relationship between G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. In the past, Dispatch has already revealed two other girlfriends of G-Dragon: Kiko and Lee Joo Yeon, but his rumored girlfriend is way more than you can imagine. Let’s look at his confirmed and rumored relationships.

Jennie Kim

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Dispatch shocked the public on 24th February 2021, as they revealed the dating news between Big Bang’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Both Jennie and G-Dragon are the most famous idol in K-pop from the same company and have a great influence on music and fashion.

Their label hadn’t denied the dating news and said they can’t confirm their private artists’ private life.


Sandara Park

Dara is one of the rumored girlfriends of G-Dragon who is impossible to ignore as both of them had many love combinations on stage in the past. G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang decided to kiss Dara on television. The rumors about two probably began in 2017 when G-Dragon kindly helped Dara to get rid of the crowd and also protected her from the crowd.

But soon after Dara revealed that the rumors were false as she sees G-Dragon as a brother and has no special feelings for him which made the fans disappointed.

Goo Hara


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The photo of four Hallyu stars G-Dragon, Hara, Gain (of Brown Eyed Girls), and Sulli hanging out at Lotte World Amusement Park was uploaded collectively, with G-Dragon wearing a black mask, black hat, and jeans.

Only the rumors about G-Dragon and Hara having an affair began because Sulli and Gain were in a confirmed relationship. Many fans speculated that they have a special relationship.

But the rumor turned out to be false as Goo Hara’s agency made a statement clarifying the rumors by saying that they are just friends and they don’t have a special relationship.


The rumors about Taeyeon and G-Dragon having an affair started circulating in the Korean online community  “Pann”( the most influential and most famous online forum among teens; especially teenage girls) from October 2015. Lots of evidence were shown by the netizens to confirm that they were in a real relationship. However many of the evidence were speculation and comparison while only a few of the evidence was convincing.

But later their management companies clarified the rumors by stating that the rumors that two are dating is an unbelievable story and the news are unbelievable.


A clip recording the intimate moments of G-Dragon and Jooyeon was automatically shared by an application on 31st October 2018., that raised dating suspicions. both of them remained silent about their relationship but the curious and observant fans found many hints that the couple relationship was way above the normal friendship level as they checked in at the same pace quite often “accidentally”.

From then on Jooyeon is considered the rumored girlfriend of G-Dragon.  Dispatch also revealed a series of dating photos of G-Dragon and Jooyeon on the early morning of January 1 as they opened up New Year’s dating news with a surprise. It was also revealed that the couple went to the Jeju island secretly for a vacation for 4 days 3 nights.

Later Jooyeon was caught once again driving to G-Dragon’s house where they enjoyed a romantic date. Dispatch also confirmed the photos shown by the fans to be reliable evidence of dating. However, the agencies of both the stars haven’t officially accepted the dating claims but it’s hard to deny these claims even though the stars don’t accept them.

Nana Komatsu

Another rumored girlfriend of G-Dragon is a Japanese actress called Nana Komatsu. She was born in 1996 and she is considered as one of the screens and fashion muses in the land of the rising sun. The two of them had worked together to take a picture for a Japanese magazine. The rumors about them having an affair spread through the social network in May 2016.

G-Dragon denied the rumors at first but four months later he accidentally revealed his secret Instagram account that contained many love photos with the Japanese actress. There were lots of photos of them showing moments of affection, or scenes of the two going out to eat with friends.

Fellow member of the Big Bang, Taeyang had also commented in the post by saying that G-Dragon should write a new love song and name it “The two of you are in love.”


A netizen uploaded a picture of them wearing the same heart-shaped ring on their fingers from their respective Instagram accounts claiming that they were dating on 13th March 2017. Previously they had been spotted together at Lotte World Amusement Park along with Goo Hara and Gain which raised the suspicion even more.

But later the picture was explained by G-Dragon through YG ENtertainment as he laughed because of the foolish rumors. He explained that the rings were given to them by a mutual friend of theirs.

Kiko Mizuhara

Another confirmed relationship of G-Drago is Kiko Mizuhara. G-Dragon was questioned about dating kiki Mizuhara in mid-2009 when Big Bang expanded its operating market to the land of the Rising Sun. Their mutual friends had accidentally shared the images of them as well as they often used to appear together at a place.

Initially, YG Entertainment and the couple had denied the rumors by asserting that they were just close friends. But two years later Kiko was sotted at G-Dragon’s birthday party as well as at the beginning of January 2014 they had gone on a vacation to Phuket, Thailand with their friend Harry Kim. But many fans didn’t believe that they were dating.

But their relationship started to gradually come to light as once again Kiko attended the birthday party of G-dragon in August 2014 that was held in Tokyo. And about a month later Dispatch released a series of photos of them having a date around the Itaewon area, Seoul. After that, the couple stopped denying the rumors.

Their label YG Entertainment said that they would carry out the confirmation with the two stars before making the official announcement. But the official announcement got lost in “The Infinite Abyss of Nothingness ” as we can’t find it anywhere until the couple broke up in 2015.

Ahn So Hee

Big Bang was often linked to their junior group Wonder Girls in 2007 due to their lovely interactions, starting with their “Lies” and “Tell Me” performance collaboration. When they had many opportunities to stand on the same sage in 2008, dating rumors about them began to rise in the online community as G-Dragon’s involvement with Ahn So Hee was the strongest.

G-Dragon was the leader of Big Bang whereas Ahn so Hee was the youngest member of her group. The two had different personalities but as time passed, dating rumors about them started to skyrocket as G-Dragon had allegedly given So Hee a laptop with his initials as well as they were often seen wearing matching clothes and accessories.

His ideal type?

In the past, he used to think about the ideal type of girlfriend as someone with detailed traits like she must have short hair and a tomboy style. But currently, he needs someone that can make him feel good and doesn’t pretend when he is with her.


It is rumored that he is currently dating Jennie Kim from Blackpink. However, their label hasn’t made an official announcement but they are probably dating as per the extensive report presented by Dispatch.

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