G-DRAGON & Jenny’s love Instagram, BIGBANG coming back in preparation!

Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine Dazed Korea celebrated its 13th anniversary with G-DRAGON and a special photobook, which was released on April 9th ​​through various SNS and websites


G-DRAGON also uploaded a photo on his Instagram the day before, but the love love situation of G-DRAGON and Jennie found in one photo has become a hot topic. Among the photos published in the magazine, pay attention to the photo that is out of the car window.



This fashion item that G-DRAGON wears on his wrist has become a hot topic. Why did this fashion item become a hot topic?

<Jenny’s Instagram>

A few days ago, Jenny put a Chanel hairband on her wrist in a photo with a cherry blossom background on her Instagram. G-DRAGON released the photo with the hair band on his wrist. Jenny untied what was tied to her hair and put it on her wrist like G-DRAGON.


After the dating was revealed by the Korean entertainment media Dispatch in February this year, the two have not made any statements or announcements admitting the dating. However, if you look at their Instagram, there are many evidence photos that show that they are dating.


For example, the main character of the hand held by G-DRAGON is Jenny. The mole on the wrist is evidence. The two were exposed by Dispatch, but the relationship seems to be going well.



Another big news is that G-DRAGON is working on BIGBANG’s comeback album. In an interview with Dazed Korea, G-DRAGON said, “I’ve been working on music and BIGBANG lately, so I’m focusing on searching for keywords for related music. I spend most of my time writing lyrics.” I told you.

BIGBANG’s last album is the full album <MADE> released in December 2016, and it’s been 5 years since then. BIGBANG, who left BIGBANG and was reorganized into a quartet, was originally scheduled to make a comeback through the Coachella Festival, an American music festival last year. However, the event was canceled due to the spread of coronavirus infection, and BIGBANG’s comeback plan was postponed.


This year is likely to be another important turning point for G-DRAGON. Can you catch all of BIGBANG’s comeback and two rabbits when dating Jennie? I’m looking forward to BIGBANG’s new music made by G-DRAGON despite various controversies.

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