(G) I-DLE Sujin summarizes school violence!

There are a series of testimonies that CUBE Entertainment’s girl group (G) I-DLE Sujin is the perpetrator of school violence. (G) I-DLE Sujin not only smoked alcohol and cigarettes when he was a junior high school student, but also claimed to have raised the money of his fellow students and violently, which was posted in the famous online community in South Korea.




On February 19, an internet user claimed that his younger sister, who was a classmate at the same junior high school as Sujin, suffered school violence from Sujin. “After Sujin called his sister and his sister’s friends to the bathroom, he ordered them to slap each other, and sent a message to a group email to bully his sister,” the content posted on the online community said. Insisted.


On the 20th, this net user also posted the content that his sister gave him to his Instagram story. “Sujin usually robbed others of their uniforms, rolled up money, and drank and smoked with Yankees riding motorcycles,” he claimed.





This is not the first testimony that Sujin was the perpetrator of school violence when he was a student. In February last year, other internet users testified that Sujin had been violent. The classmates who claimed to have been violent by Sujin posted details of the violence in the online community along with a photo of their graduation album to prove that they had graduated from the same junior high school as Sujin.




As the debate on school violence continued, (G) I-DLE’s agency, CUBE Entertainment, made an official announcement around 5 pm on the 21st.

The agency responded to the allegation that his sister, who claimed to have been damaged, had been violent by Sujin. We will take legal action against the facts. ” However, there was no explanation for the allegation that he smoked alcohol and cigarettes in junior high school.




After the official announcement of the agency, another internet user who said that he was the sister of Sujin’s classmate said that the announcement of the agency was a lie and that his sister was violent by Sujin and could not go to school. The contents are posted.




However, another internet user, a fellow student who attended the same junior high school as Sujin, posted that Sujin’s allegation of violence was a lie, but this content was immediately deleted.





Sujin’s school violence began to be reported in the media at 9:30 am on the 21st, but on the same day, Sujin participated in a video call for Japanese buyers of the “I burn” album at 11:00 am. Sujin’s eyes, who participated in the video call, appeared swollen, and it was speculated that he cried when he saw the report.





When the suspicion of school violence in Sujin emerged, the make-up brand Peripera responded by putting a photo booth on the advertisement photo of Sujin in the store. Until recently, Peripera was modeled by April’s Na-eun, but it seems that the model has just changed to Sujin and the model was swiftly dealt with because of concerns about the deterioration of the brand image.





It turns out that some of the victims of school violence by Sujin included actress Seo Shin-ae from a child actor, and the online community is now flooded with criticism of Sujin.


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