(G) I-DLE Sujin, why did school violence appear in related search words?

There have been rumors on the internet about the girl group (G) I-DLE member Sujin that he is the perpetrator of bullying. In addition, the keyword “school violence” appeared in the related search words on the portal site.

If you search for the name of “Sujin” in Naver, the largest portal site in South Korea, “Sujin School Violence” will be searched for in the related search word. Is “Sujin School Violence” Really a Story? Or is it just a hoax? I investigated the truth.

peaking first from the results, “Sujin School Violence” seems to be a happening born from a misunderstanding. Recently, in the popular tvN drama “True Beauty”, a character named Kang Soo Jin in the play appears to bully the main character Lim Joo Kyung, but the viewer searched for the perpetrator “Soo Jin Bullying” with the same name. It seems that the keyword “Sujin school violence” appeared in the related search word because it was misunderstood as (G) I-DLE Sujin.

Moreover, Soo Jin’s real name is not Kang Soo Jin, but Soo Soo Jin’s full name is different.

There is an opinion that the reason why such a happening happened is partly because of the name, but also because of Sujin’s strong image. On the stage of (G) I-DLE, he shows a very nice appearance full of charisma, but it is a fact that Sujin’s impression looks strong, and it is said that it is easy to have a prejudice because there are many tattoos on the body. Sujin has witnessed tattoos on the back of his hand in eight places, including tattoo 1849, shoulders (♡), back of neck (Blue), and back of arms (self love is bet love).

The agency must request deletion as soon as possible after confirming the related search word for Sujin. If left as it is, it may become an unpleasant image.

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