[BTS Power] Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition sold out in an hour!

The power of the world’s top idols, BTS, was truly amazing. Samsung Electronics and BTS collaborated to release the Galaxy S20 Plus x BTS Edition The “package” sold out online as soon as it was available for pre-order.

According to Samsung Electronics on the 19th, the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition package, which was available for pre-order at 10 a.m. on the same day on the Samsung Electronics website and BTS Wivershop, sold out in about an hour, according to Samsung Electronics.

This package consists of ‘Galaxy S20 Plus’ and ‘Galaxy Bars Plus’ There are. All the products are decorated with the BTS color “Purple Color” and the symbol, logo and exclusive theme of BTS. It is analyzed as a result of the popularity among BTS fans at home and abroad.

The package price is 1,584,000 won (about $1400 yen), Galaxy S20 plus BTS Edition is priced at 1,397,000 won ($120,000). The Galaxy Bars Plus BTS Edition is priced at 220,000 won ($20,000).

Galaxy S20 Plus x BTS Edition package is sold out

There are so many ARMY fans of BTS in the whole world; BTSx Galaxy S20 is a limited edition The company is expected to generate further synergies in

Every idol group has a color that represents its team and its fans.

The symbolic color of BTS and ARMY is purple.

The limited edition of BTSxGalaxy S20 was also designed in purple.

The purple color with the matte haze method has been applied to create a glittering and mysterious impression that appears in a variety of colors depending on the angle of view.

It was designed with a luxurious look that is distinctly different from the colors of the previously released Galaxy S20 series.

It’s not just the ARMY of BTS fans, but also from the general user’s point of view, if you want a very pretty and unique color, you’ll benefit from it.

Since this is a special limited edition of the BTSx Galaxy S20, there are many elements that will appeal to BTS fans in many ways.

The BTS x Galaxy S20 Special Limited Edition has a special BTS-exclusive theme applied to the lock screen, home screen and icons, and features Wivers, a global fan community application provided by BigHit Entertainment.

In particular, the rear camera part is engraved with a purple heart, and the lower part of the smartphone is engraved with the BTS logo, making it a special smartphone design for fans.

And this BTS x Galaxy S20 limited edition package will include stickers and photo cards of each member of BTS that you can arrange your smartphone with.

The BTS x Galaxy S20 Limited Edition can be pre-ordered from July 1 to 7 at the three mobile carriers’ on-offline stores, Samsung Electronics’ website and Samsung Plaza nationwide.

Customers who pre-order will be provided with a BTS special edition wireless charger, a specially made case and a BTS bromide.

The specially produced case is engraved with seven stars that symbolize the seven members of BTS.

This BTS x Galaxy S20 limited edition was not only applied to the Galaxy S20 smartphone, but also to the Galaxy S20 peripherals, while the Galaxy S20 is a wireless earpiece released by Samsung Electronics, which was also released in this special BTS edition.

The Galaxy Bars BTS Edition was also offered in an exclusive package with seven purple hearts designed on it.

The same purple color was applied to the earbirds, cradle and case, with the BTS band logo and purple hearts added as points on both earbuds.

Similar to the Galaxy S20 smartphone device, the Galaxy Seabirds BTS Limited Edition includes a Buzz Plus smartphone case and photo card that can be used with a BTS-specific theme installed.

The Galaxy Seabirds BTS Edition is available at Wivers Shop and Samsung Digital Plaza starting June 15.

It’s a special limited edition BTSx Galaxy S20, so we don’t expect to have much in stock.

It sold out within just an hour of the start of online pre-orders, so it’s going to be even tougher to get one in the future.

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