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Kang Hee Gun

Kang Hee Gun is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and television personality. Aside from working as a solo artist, he was also a member of the hip-hop combo Leessang. The labels that he is associated with are Lee sang company, yangbangs company, and the million markets.

Here are some basic facts about rapper Gary-

Full Name-Kang Hee Gun

Date Of Birth- February 24, 1978

Place Of Birth- South Korea

Nick/Pet Name- Gae (“dog” in Korean)

Education-  Yong In University

Zodiac sign- Pisces

Age- 43

Height- 175

Weight- 70kg

Marital status-Married

Wife-Kim Se-Eun

Occupation- rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and television personality.

Net worth-6 million

Salary- N\A

Gary’s birthday is on February 24, 1978. Since Gaemi and Gary were both too similar for him, he settled on “Gae” (meaning “dog” in Korean), which he used as his stage name. Dancing was more appealing to him when he was younger than rapping. Jang Woo Hyuk and Moon Hee Jun, who later became members of H.O.T., were among the contestants Gary defeated in the dance competition. Lee All three boys were scouted by Soo Man, and SM Entertainment signed them to a contract. Gary ultimately turned down the job offer.

Garry studied bodyguarding at Yong In University. Over the course of a decade, he competed in amateur boxing. As an original judo school, the private university evolved to include more undergraduate and graduate degrees in the years that followed. Also, as an amateur boxer, he was able to make a bit of money.

Then in 1997, he joined a hip-hop group named X-Teen, where he met and befriended Gil, who would become his Leessang partner in the near future. The duo would contribute to the group’s 1998 album but would be dropped from the group afterward.

After being told they didn’t have the talent and didn’t have the looks, the couple quit. Both members of Honey Family went on to release two albums over the next two years, but they finally broke up due to disagreements among the group’s members due to the pressures of their growing renown.

Once again, Gil, Gary, and Diggity, formerly of the Honey Family, came together to form the Leessam Trio. ‘2000 Korea’ was the group’s debut album, however, Diggity left the group shortly thereafter. Leessang, styled as Lee Ssang, was the name chosen by the couple. The duet had a lot of success, releasing eight albums and scoring a number of hits. While their work was appreciated by the critics, they remained a largely underground band despite this.

Only their past three albums, “Hexagonal”, “Asura Balbalta”, and “Unplugged”, which shattered records and helped them acquire wider notoriety, helped them gain widespread attention. Once Gary’s relationship with his band ended, he focused on his solo career, beginning with “Mr. Gae,” a mini-album that had a lot of over-19 singles that television stations judged too adult-oriented for transmission due to its sexually suggestive and graphic lyrics.

Unlike many other rappers, Gary wanted to break out of the mold, and so he switched to this kind of music. “Your Scent” was his first collaboration with vocalist Jung-in, a few months after “Mr. Gae” was released. As a result of the song’s success, the two decided to continue working on “Bicycle”. This album was published in 2015 and featured a number of prominent rappers and singers such as Skull as well as other artists such as Jay Park and Donn Mills.

Song Ji-Hyo, an actress and model, appeared in the music video for “Lonely Night,” which he co-produced with Gaeko. “Running Man,” in which competitors participate in various games, was Gary’s co-host from 2010 to 2017. He was one of seven members of the original “Running Man” crew. In spite of its international success, he finally quit the show in order to concentrate on his music but has since made a few guest appearances on the show in the meanwhile.

While Gary’s romances have remained a secret, many celebrities in South Korea have done the same in order to preserve a specific image. The news of his marriage to a non-celebrity stunned many people in 2017. Despite the fact that he hasn’t revealed much about his spouse, Miss Kim, the couple has a child together. The actor has gone from the entertainment sector since announcing his nuptials, with no indication that he will return any time soon. Because of privacy concerns, he deleted Instagram for his fans.

Some of his achievements are-

Mnet Asian Music Awards Music Video of the Year Nominated
Hip-Hop Artist of the Year
2010 4th SBS Entertainment Award Variety New Star Award Running Man Won
Cyworld Digital Music Awards Bonsang Leessang Won
Cyworld Digital Music Awards Best Collaboration of the Year Won
2011 MelOn Music Awards Top 10 Artists Won
Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Rap Performance Won
2012 5th SBS Entertainment Award Excellence Award in Variety Running Man Won
2013 NATE Awards Best Couple with Song Ji-Hyo Won
7th SBS Entertainment Awards Best Couple Award with Song Ji-Hyo
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